The Single-Track vs. Multi-Track Debate

I've lived in the area for a long time. Not quite as long as a few, but far longer than most of the people in the area. And far longer...

I've lived in the area for a long time. Not quite as long as a few, but far longer than most of the people in the area. And far longer than I've had school-age children. And since I have child one that won't even start school until the 2009-2010 school year, and I have no intention of moving from the area, I'm going to have children attending school in Menifee for many years to come.

Admittedly I don't recall if Menifee schools were ever on a single track system or if they have been on a multi-track system since I moved to the area. However, I can vividly recall the displeasure with a multi-track system that most parents I encountered shared. I have my opinion on a single vs. multi track system that I have voiced in both public and private forums and I'll voice it here again – I prefer a single track system, but not if it means moving my children to a different school. There are both positives and negatives to a single track system, but I believe the positives far outweigh the negatives.

As recently as a year and a half ago, when my oldest child was starting Kindergarten, public opinion still seemed to favor a single track system. I heard displeasure from parents because their child didn’t get assigned to the track they wanted. I heard displeasure from teachers about students’ information retention. And I heard a lot of comments in favor of a traditional school year. I find it hard to believe public opinion has changed that much in 18 months.

I think most of the opinions against a single track system are a direct result of two things – the debate about Measure “B” and the proposals to change school boundaries. Both of these, while not related directly to each other, directly impact the move to a single track system. The sad thing is, whether a person votes for or against Measure “B” should have nothing to do with whether the boundaries are going to be realigned. And a person’s feelings in favor of or against a single track system should not have anything to do with whether they vote for or against Measure “B”. The simple fact of the matter is, the district should have gone through the effort to find out what parents wanted (single or multi track) before coming up with proposals to realign the school boundaries. And they should have had done both of these before they put Measure “B” on the ballot.

Mr. Twyman has taken responsibility for the district’s desire to move to a single track system. As a fellow parent with a child in Menifee Schools, I think it’s unfair to ask him to take that responsibility on himself. Parents in the community are the ones that gave him the impression a single track system was desired. For those of us that were in the area when he ran for a position on the school board in 2004, he made it very clear he was in support of a single track system. Somehow, I don’t think he would have been elected if community opinion was dead-set against it.

So I’m asking all Menifee 24/7 readers – if Measure “B” and the boundary realignment proposals were taken out of the equation, would you be for or against the traditional single track system?


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