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It is unclear to me if current homeowners are going to be affected by this new Bond. I have emailed the person behind the Bond this morning ...

It is unclear to me if current homeowners are going to be affected by this new Bond. I have emailed the person behind the Bond this morning and I am waiting for a response. I tried asking for information yesterday at the school district, and they were directed not to talk about it. I know that in certain areas of Menifee/ Sun City, they don't have the Perris HS Bond attached to their property taxes. I lived behind Stater Bros. for 10 years and my taxes never went up after those Bonds passed, but then I moved to the houses off La Ladera and I had those Bonds were Attached. So, I am wondering if this will be attached to new home purchases only. Does any one know for sure? I wonder if this Bond will affect Quail Valley residences.
If you think this bond is bad, live in the Lennar Homes off Lazy Creek and pay a EMWD bond of $1,400.00 a year, plus all the school bonds. My friend pays around $8000 a year in taxes for a 430,000 home.


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  1. Text from the sample ballot's "Impartial Analysis of Measure B":

    The Board is proposing that an ad volarem tax be levied on property within the boundaries of the District to pay the principal and interest on the Bonds.

    (I looked up ad volarem; it means "by value", such as the $17.90 tax per $100,000 value of a home.)

    That sounds to me like the tax will be levied on all properties in the MUSD, including mine in Menifee Hills.

    I get the biggest kick out of the supporters' web site and argument in favor of this measure. It almost seems like their argument isn't strong enough to stand on its own so they throw this in at the end: "Real estate property taxes may be tax deductible when you itemize deductions." Wow! I feel better now that they are trying to squeeze more blood from this turnip...

    I'm still voting NO on Measure B and encourage everyone else to do the same.

  2. You should be aware of Prop 88 after vote Prop 88 passed for no increase property tax and cut off little amount on property tax then notice that increase little amount again for 2007/2008. Otherword, 55 age to up Senior Citizen still pay too high on their property tax and pay school on their property tax. It make no sense so Senior Citizen have no children. Do something to motion on new prop!

  3. Translation please!

  4. I'm voting no. Why should I vote yes if the schools are going to be built by Lake Elsinore and the other one by Murrieta. Find locations around Menifee/Sun City then maybe just maybe people will vote yes for it.

  5. In response to the above commenter, the new schools are within the Menifee Union School District, even though they are within the city boundaries of Elsinore and Murrieta.

    I'm curious to know if students who live in the area where these new schools are planned currently attend schools in other districts. What Measure B may be trying to do is build schools at the borders of the district, so as to lure students from other districts, and thereby fetch more state dollars.



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