Menifee School Lunch Deliquencies

In reading the latest story in the Californian about families with delinquent school lunch accounts, one of the first things that comes to my mind is wasted food.

Kids in elementary schools are given fruits and vegetables by the school cafeterias. But few kids ever eat them. Almost all of the kids toss them into the trash. This is the testimony of three girls in my neighborhood who attend Ridgemoor. Why are we even spending money on "nutrition" if no one is going to eat this stuff? I suppose there's probably a law or regulation on this. But look how silly this is!

Here, we have a problem with families not paying for school lunches, and the school district having to foot the bill. And then we have a problem with kids not even eating the stuff!

To me, the issue is WHO is responsible for feeding children? The school district, or the parents? Public education should be limited to education, and not feeding free food to children. As long as the school district continues to give out free food that kids don't eat, parents will continue to do nothing about it. Responsibility is on the parents, and I'm getting the sense that School Board Officials are unwilling to take a stand.

Someone please tell me that I'm terribly mistaken!


  1. You're terribly mistaken. The kid rates an apple, it's none of your business whether he/she eats it.
    If your real concern is whether or not to drop free/reduced lunch programs, I'm against you on that point as well. The bottom line is that kids can't help their parents' income, but they should all get a decent lunch.
    Find another cause maybe?