Sun City Thrift Store Vandalised

I was appalled to read in The Californian today about the thrift store in Sun City being vandalised and burglarized on a regular basis. What kind of person steals from a thrift store? Particularly one that raises money for charity?

Perhaps while donating to charity is among the noblest of deeds, stealing from charity is the lowest form of scum.

I hope that now this story has been published, folks will keep a vigilant eye, and whoever is doing this will get busted.


  1. I observed the vehicle that vandalized vehicles in my neighborhood. It was a light colored Lincoln town car. In the car I observed 4-5 white or hispanic males in the car. They drove with what appeared to be a sling shot. I did not realize what they were doing in initially until they broke a window and began screaming as if they did something great. These children need to be caught. I phoned the police department and had a very quick response. The police helicopter was overhead in minutes. I am keeping an eye out for these idiots. This is a great place to live and I want to keep it that way.


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