Menifee Cityhood Feasibility Becomes More Difficult

Riverside County Supervisors voted to allow housing development on a 39 acre parcel of land south of Craig Road and bordered by Haun, Sherman and Garbani roads.

Menifee Cityhood Supporters fought with the Supervisors to deny housing on this land because commercial development is needed to build tax revenue to support a future cityhood for Menifee. The reason is that once families move into the new homes built on the piece of land in question, they will fight tooth and nail to prevent any businesses being built nearby.

Supervisor Marion Ashley says, "If you wait long enough, there'll be commercial (built in the area), but we have to deal with what's before us now," he said. "It's a quality project."

Certainly there will be commercial built, but when? Menifee residents want commercial now. We have enough homes and families.


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