Menifee School District Computers Shut Down by Virus

The Californian reported yesterday that over 1,000 computers networked withing the Menifee Union Schoo District had to be shut down due to a virus infection.

Seems someone opened an e-mail that contained a virus, which then managed to infect a bunch of other computers. Well, talk about leveling the playing field! One little innocent looking e-mail, innocent enough to be opened along with its attachment clicked on, can shut down a school district. Whoever wrote the virus was able to disrupt so much business.

With computers taking up so much of our work environment, without them we just about cannot work at all. I remember when our computer systems went down at my last job, we pretty much couldn't do anything other than chat with our fellow employees until they came back online. It seems school district employees would benefit from some basic training in computer and Internet skills.


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