Snow Falls in Menifee

I was surprised to see snow in my yard this morning. The rain washed much of it away, there was still some on my cars. The hills by Ridgemoor Elementary School still had snow on it. I checked the thermometer in my backyard at 12:00pm, and it read 37 degrees F.

Kids playing in the snow, Murrieta Rd, by the fire station.

Snow scene at the corner of Murrieta and Garbani Roads.

The fire station on Murrieta Rd, near Scott Rd.

Snow scene along Scott Rd.

Snow scene along Scott Rd.


  1. Grin! We call that a heavy frost or frozen fog, that landed on the ground. It is sure to freeze your geraniums, however, if it goes that low. I have lost mine at 32°

  2. I just planted some geraniums last October. Oh well.

  3. Did you get snow and how cold did it get? We got 2-3 inches and it went to minus 5° overnight. Supposed to go that low again tonight or lower. Glad we have the snow to protect plants.

    Good luck on your geraniums!


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