Rhythm & Brews Closes Down

Rhythm & Brews was a favorite hang out for some folks in Southwest County. Located in Old Town Temecula, a block up the hill from the Swing Inn, it offered some great hamburgers, and about a 100 different beers to choose from. It was also one of Southwest County's few microbreweries, offering their own line of beers. On Friday and Saturday nights you could listen to live Blues music. My neighbor and I loved to go there for that reason.

But now it is shutting down. November 27-28, 2004 will be the last days of its existence. It just couldn't get enough business beyond the loyal following. It is being purchased by the guy who owns the Old Town Spa next door. The word is that he is converting it to a coffee shop for his customers. If any of you read this before it closes, please go there and enjoy one of their brews before it is gone for good.


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