Kaiser Permanente Gets Hospital in IE

Thousands of Kaiser Permanente subscribers living in Riverside County are finally going to get a Kaiser hospital. They're going to buy ...

Thousands of Kaiser Permanente subscribers living in Riverside County are finally going to get a Kaiser hospital. They're going to buy Moreno Valley Medical Center from Valley Health System.

According to the Valley Chronicle (link), Select Healthcare, which had tried to buy all three hospitals from VHS, has backed out of its agreement to buy Moreno Valley, which paves the way for Kaiser to buy it...
Cutler said he agreed to allow Kaiser to buy the hospital from VHS for $47.1 million, $14 million of which will go to Select to cover the down payment Select made before the election. Kaiser will also pay $6 million to Select for the purchase option.
Because the sale involves less than 50% of VHS' assets, it does not require a public ballot.

So this means that VHS will be left with two hospitals, one in Hemet and the other in Menifee.

If I'm not mistaken, VHS could then sell off Menifee without requiring a public ballot either, since it would then be less than 50% of total assets. So in end, while voters voted against privatizing VHS' hospitals, it could very well end up that way anyways.


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  1. It would be nice if someone like kaiser would buy menifee... then maybe so many people wouldnt be losing their jobs, such as the CNAs. They really are the backbone to patient care.

  2. I totally agree! It would be great if Keiser Perm. Or maybe Loma Linda can purchase and save Menifee Valley Hosp. This hospital w/ ER is crucial for the Menifee area as Hemet and Inland Hosp.are a bit of ways to drive to. And thus saving lots of jobs for the local people. As Menifee grows we defintely need to save Menifee Valley Hosp.

  3. Menifee Med Center has huge potential for quality health care. Hopefully someone will take a chance on us in the near future.

  4. Kaiser needs to set up a hospital in Temecula. It could serve both the Temecula/Murrieta/Menifee area, but also the Fallbrook/Rainbow area as well.

  5. If Kaiser took over the Menifee hospital, then Temecula/Fallbrook residents could come here. I'm tired of us Menifee folks always having to go Temecula.

  6. Yea!!!!!! But they dont use alot of CNAs they are going for more of a rn run system which is great. But Iam happy with this. and for the record Kaiser was going to build in Temecula but the city council fought them very hard on it and now the hospital being built of the 79 is a United Health Care one.

  7. So as a local RN looking for work, should I not apply to Menifee or Hemet?

    I read alot of the blog comments and am having second thoughts about the quality of healthcare going on at VHS.



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