Measure B Bond Results

Measure B passes. As of 10;41am, Wednesday, 100.00% of the precinct votes have been tallied, and the count for Measure B... Yes: 7,095 56...

Measure B passes.

As of 10;41am, Wednesday, 100.00% of the precinct votes have been tallied, and the count for Measure B...

Yes: 7,095 56.90%
No: 5,375 43.10%

Total 12,470 100.00%

The bond measure needed at least a 55% yes vote to pass.


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  1. It looks like Measure B passed.

    We don't have enough funding to operate our existing schools, now we can build three more schools that we won't be able to afford to operate.

  2. And our property taxes go higher and higher...

    A few more of these bonds and we won't be able to continue to live in this area. The cost of housing is less in Menifee, but taxes are lower in OC. It won't be long before one offsets the other.

  3. Oh no!!! If your home is worth $500,000 that is an extra eight dollars a month!!! How will we feed ourselves?

  4. Obviously this is what people wanted. I for one voted yes. And you know what go live in OC where you pay a lot for a house either way you pay it in the long run.

  5. I'm disappointed measure B passed. There will always be an excuse that there is not enough money for schools and education. In a few years they (the district) will be asking for more because they have spent unwisely.

  6. Taxes are cheap here, for instance Omaha school taxes are $1.05 per $100 in assessed home value. That's just for the schools! That doesn't include all the other taxes you pay on your property. That is why you won't ever see portable classrooms there, because people are willing to spend the money for good schools, etc.

  7. I understand the frustration about paying higher property taxes here that in OC (Remember, much of OC pays Mello-Roos and stuff like that = taxes).

    However, your taxes will rise by o.o17% What's that? $50 or $60 annually. Then you write it off on your taxes the net amount is even less.

    The school system is the backbone of a young community and a key contributor to property values.

    I feel it's a small price to pay!

  8. Well I voted against it because my kids won't even go to those new schools, including the middle school. The district should of made the new housing developers come up with the money not us. My tax bill is high enough already.

  9. Thanks again, Steve, for being up on the current events. Menifee 24/7 was the first source I found on what happened with the measure.

  10. This will feel like chicken feed after the dems take over next year. We'll all be better off on Government Assistance then!

  11. I can't believe the comment "...because my kids won't go to those schools..." whose taxes pay for the schools your kids do go to? Is it really all about your own children or all of our children. Did you not see all the school bonds in other communities up for vote as well? Hello, California pays the least amount for our schools than any other state! OC is built out and they don't have to build more schools.. but I am sure they went through these "growing pains" back in their growth days.

  12. All people live in Menifee who have their own house that will suffer their property tax to pay school to make property tax going higher every year even mello roos continue to go up 1% between 2% on property tax.
    See that problems with Lottery never help new schools as needed.
    Measure B want to take $$$ from people's property tax that sound not right! People dont think very carefully in the future.

  13. I voted against Measure B solely because of the amount of money being borrowed. $31 Million is a HUGE amount for a local government this small to borrow. Credit Card spending in this amount is a horribly bad idea at the local governmental level. And there will be many more bonds voted on before this thing is paid off. Credit Card Debt like this SNOWBALLS!

  14. I agree with the aboive post. After the Dems take office this will be nothing. Maybe the same people on here complaining about this tax should think carefully before they vote because Taxes will go up on everything. People dont realize how good its been for them until something is gone.

  15. Ah yes, the old myth that Democrats want to tax people to death. Give us some specific taxes that will go up when the Dems come to power (I like how the Republicans have conceded this 9 months before we go to the polls) and we can discuss those.

  16. Lets see the AMT tax the purposed suv tax higher gas prices due to higher tax on gas and lets see universal health care where is that money coming from? Shall I go on.

  17. Look, to keep this thing local we're talking about OVER THIRTY ONE MILLION DOLLARS. In Menifee. Just for 3 schools (none of which will be located in Menifee). How many other things will come up that will cost millions and millions of dollars? A bond issue like this is credit card spending on a huge scale. This won't be paid off for over a decade, and in that time how many more bonds will be put before the voters? It's just like your own credit card. Yeah, one or two mid sized purchases that you pay over time is OK, but when you do it too much then you get trapped in credit card debt. That's what is happening to the State of California, and I don't want to see it happen here. You can't just pay for everything with bonds. At a certain point you have to either charge the developers more in fees to pay for infrastructure and schools, or you need to find out what you really need versus what you want. But piling bond on top of bond on top of bond will eventually break the backs of the homeowners in Menifee - and how is that right? I know I don't have ANY extra money, and $40 here, $50 there, and eventually my family will have to borrow money just to live on! This bond issue was WAY too big, and I certainly hope that next time that a bond measure comes up the people around here look at the bottom line to see if we really can afford to add millions more in credit card debt. (We've got to be VERY picky about how much we spend, and what we spend it on.)

  18. YOu are not aware of it that State of California learned more from State of Florida the man who invented how it works to use people's $$$ on their property tax to pay school last years ago.

  19. I am disappointed Measure B and any of the measures increasing our taxes has passed. Paying fair and reasonable taxes is a duty owed by all citizens. However, as good service is expected in the private industry, it should be expected from government as well. I believe taxpayers are not being provided with the level of service our tax dollars should command.

    Granted, the magnitude of budgetary dollars and bureaucracy makes reasonableness in management estimates and accountability for failure to reach governmental goals difficult to identify and impose.

    However, why are we so quick to spend more and not (at least) question why our representatives and governments are unable to be effective with tax dollars? Instead of spending to solve problems, we should be pressing our representatives and managers of our money to:
    • be more efficient with tax dollars,
    • be conservative in estimating (don't over-estimate revenues and under-estimate costs),
    • be accountable for missing budgetary targets and spending,
    • identify a means of reducing spending when mid-year shortfalls are noted, and
    • not project deficit spending unless certain conditions (per written policy) are met.

    As an unorganized group of tax payers, I believe it is unreasonable to create huge change in short time. However, we can all start by making small changes which will grow. A change can include a resolve to make two phone calls or write two letters to representatives per year (that is one every 6 months). In each of the calls/letters, express concerns, a demand / call to action by the representative, or to press for accountability when governments are grossly ineffective.

    Is anyone concerned with the lack of accountability and apparent ineptness for money management? For those of you who manage projects, what happens to you if you exceed budget while cutting the quality of goods and services?

    I admit I have been complacent for a long time. I complained but did nothing other than vote. However, I will commit to making a small change this year. Is anyone else willing?

  20. "$31 Million is a HUGE amount for a local government this small to borrow."

    Um...yeah, not really. I guess it just sounds like a lot to you?