Will Kaiser Permanente Build a Hospital Here?

The answer is no. This question was asked by an anonymous commenter on our earlier article, " Size of Menifee Square Miles "... M...

The answer is no.

This question was asked by an anonymous commenter on our earlier article, "Size of Menifee Square Miles"...
My comment is a question. Is there any plan that you know of for Kaiser Permanente building a medical center/hospital here in the Inland Empire?
So I contacted a friend of mine, who happens to be a Kaiser physician, and he put me in touch with one of Kaiser's public affairs officers, Karen Roberts. Karen said that they don't have any plans to build a hospital here in Riverside County, but they do have plans to build some medical office buildings.

In 2009 they plan to open up a building in Redhawk, and in 2011 they plan to open one up in Murrieta by Rancho Springs.

Note that earlier this year, Kaiser made a bid to buy Moreno Valley Medical Center, but was denied. Now that Measure G failed, Select Healthcare is obligated to purchase Moreno Valley. It's possible Select may go foward with the purchase, and then sell it to Kaiser.


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  1. I have heard that there will be Kaiser Medical Office buildings near the Physicians Hospital of Murrieta, which will be between Scott and Clinton Keith off the 215.

  2. Kaiser Hospital is not best hospital. Scripps Clinic is very best hospital and quality of service.

  3. Who can afford Scripps?

  4. I would rather go to Kaiser than Scripps Memorial La Jolla. That place is scary. I know it because I worked there. Management is horrible, they can't retain staff, very disorganized, and they've failed JCAHO in the past!!!! That says A LOT about a hospital!



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