Layoffs at Menifee, Hemet Hospitals

Discussions on local area forums, including a comment posted here on Menifee 24/7, about layoffs at Menifee Valley Medical Center, and Hemet Valley Medical Center have been posted today.

On the Topix forum, talk of a memo that was circulated to hospital employees discussing potential layoffs and shutdown of services was discussed. A mention of impending layoffs was also posted on Menifee 24/7 under the "Measure G Results" article.

Also today, the Press Enterprise ran an article saying that layoffs at VHS hospitals are coming soon...

Since Measure G fizzled in the polls Tuesday, the fallout could be swift.

Valley Health System board members say they now have little choice but to take drastic steps to stave off a full-blown financial crisis, including possible cuts in hospital services and laying off personnel.
But hey, at least we saved the hospital from Chaudhuri right?

I mean, right???


  1. They should just do everyone a favor and close these death traps for good you check in and never check out . I wouldnt take my dog to either of these hospitals..shame on all of you..


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