Measure G Results - Riverside County Election Day

With 100.00% of the precincts reporting, Measure G fails! Measure G - Valley Health System 263/263 100.00% Vote Count Percent Yes 16,21...

Measure G Results Riverside County ElectionWith 100.00% of the precincts reporting, Measure G fails!

Measure G - Valley Health System
263/263 100.00%

Vote Count Percent
Yes 16,211 46.66%
No 18,529 53.34%
Total 34,740 100.00%


Elections 6730552330506947246

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  1. American Idol gets more votes! Hopefully we will have better turn out for the Presidential Primary which will be Feb 5, 2007.

    By the way, Menifee residents, make sure you are registered with the party of the candidate you want to vote for.

    Independents and "Decline to State" will be unable to vote for Clinton, Ron Paul, Giuliani or whoever else they desire unless they register in the appropriate parties. Also, if you are a registered democrat, you will not be able to vote for a Democrat, and vice versa.

  2. I voted at Kay Cineceros(?)and at 4:30 I was the 19th person to vote in the main office. I bet none of the 19 live on my street!

  3. Thank Goodness Common Sense prevailed. The sale would be a total conflict of interest. It is no coincidence Dr. Chaudhuri is not available for comment.

  4. Thank Goodness Common Sense prevailed. What?? Are you crazy? I just heard today that a memo is going around the Hospitals from Fred Meyer Dir. of VHS. Before you say it he has nothing to do with Dr. Chaudhuri. Anyway it looks like VHS has to eliminate services that are unprofitable so it looks like the ER's are first since they never ever make money. With the closing of services employees also will get fired.

  5. You people that voted "NO" on this measure have ruined the services available to our Hemet community. Now Hemet Valley will be forced to close the Emergency Department, and while that may not be a big deal to you younger kids, to us old folks it scares us to "death". I'm sure when you are in a life threatening emergency you can wait a long time while in transport to a hospital that can save you, but we can't. You are so smart, campaigning to "Save our Community Hospital" idiots...the hospital is changed forever now!

  6. Perhaps you need to speak with the Managers of Quorum who have taken over the managment of VHS. They have mentioned nothing of layoffs. I am a VHS employee, and the "Hot Topics" newsletter circulated did not state anything of Closing the ER....get the facts straight before you speak please!



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