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Bill Gould, the media-mogul-extraordinaire of our fine valley, announced today the launch of his new website, "Your Town Rocks"......

Full Value TVBill Gould, the media-mogul-extraordinaire of our fine valley, announced today the launch of his new website, "Your Town Rocks"...

It's basically a place holder for all the videos he's uploaded to YouTube. Some of the videos are focused on Menifee, while others on Murrieta and Temecula. For whatever reason, all the Menifee videos center around freaky weather phenomenon and the recent brushfire. What's up with that Bill?

One of the videos that actually does a semi-good job of capturing your attention, is about the Temecula Rock Quarry debate, where Gould and his friend Rothschild travel to Granite Construction Co. in Indio to figure out what all the controversy is about. Oddly, this video is stuck at the bottom of the list.

I'd like to see some video productions of Bill going out to the "Movies in the Park" to talk to the vendors and families. It might be interesting to have him visit several sign-twirlers standing on street corners, and find out who's getting paid the most and least. Or what about standing in front of Paloma Valley High, and asking seniors if they know the difference between a credit card and a debit card. Might be a fun way to see our schools are preparing them for the real world.

The name "Your Town Rocks" was actually named for a project that Gould and his buddies are working on, a music and travel documentary featuring musicians in their home towns. That's good, because as it is right now the first featured video is a 7-minute sleep-enducing "thank you speech" by Temecula Mayor Chuck Washington at the last Mayor's Ball. That definitely doesn't rock.

But we do look forward to Your Town Rocks once it gets its music and travel documentaries going.


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  1. The Your Town Rocks website has been updated with a trailer for the upcoming show.


    Bill @ FVE

  2. I think every town should have hundreds of sign twirlers dancing on every street corner. That is my dream world.



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