When Will the Newport Road Realignment Open?

The word I'm getting is that the realigned Newport Road is still on schedule to open THIS month, but towards the end. This is according...

The word I'm getting is that the realigned Newport Road is still on schedule to open THIS month, but towards the end.

This is according to a friend of mine who's doing construction work at the site.

He also provided this photo for me...

Newport Road and Berea Road

This is looking down Newport Road towards the west (towards Canyon Lake), and taken from the intersection of Newport Road and Berea Road. I'm not sure if Berea Road will still be called that within Audie Murphy Ranch.

However, when the realigned Newport Road opens this month, it won't be 100% open. That is, only the southern half of the lanes will be open. The realigned Newport Road is supposed to have four lanes, two going west, and two going east. When it opens, only the eastbound lanes will be open. But that doesn't mean you can only drive east. They'll split it into westbound and eastbound, one lane each way. It'll take awhile longer until they open the full Newport Road.

The reason for only opening the eastbound half, is because crews still need to use the westbound half for heavy equipment, as they still have to create pads on that side of the road.

At the time this photograph was taken (August 1), crews were still laying gravel on the road. The gravel comes from the boulders they had to dig out of the fields. They have a rock crusher back in there.


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  1. I read in the Press Enterprise (conspicuously headlined "Lane openings precede housing construction", Friday, August 2, 2007) that they will be closing Goetz Road between Canyon Lake's east entrance and Railroad Canyon for a year!
    This is outrageous for those of us who live in Quail Valley and La Ladera who will probably end up having to go east in order to go west. To travel from the west end of the current Newport Road all the way to the soon to be opened Newport Road at Murrieta and back to Railroad Canyon will add at least 5 minutes to your drive to go to Lake Elsinore or the 15 Freeway, (which, I might add is still quite congested during peak times, even after the road construction/improvements that were recently completed.)
    We need to contact whoever is in charge of this decision and complain, because, going east from here, we already have quite enough driving to do.
    If anyone has any info concerning this issue, please post it here. I'll be making phone calls on Monday.


    oops, that would be Friday, August 3, 2007. Sorry, 'bout that.

  3. As a homeowner in the Newport Hills community I am quite interested in seeing the final construction phases of the Newport Road renovation. I feel this will add a sense pride and beauty when driving home. I agree there are going to be some unreasonable obstacles to go through during this construction period, but if we all keep the final result in mind, and perhaps a bit of patience, it will be over before we know it!

    A question I have regarding this renovation: In the center median, did our planning commission add planters filled with trees and shrubbery, somewhat similar to the east of Newport Road over by Menifee lakes? It would be beautiful to continue this all the way through Menifee on Newport Road. It certainly would bring about a more affluent presence to the community.

  4. Where to landscaping plans come into play with a city like Menifee? Is it up to each individual land owner? Moving from Temecula, that was one thing we really appreciated about living there.. as well as Murrieta. It's brown and dry out here, it would sure enhance our city.

  5. We were just wondering how long it will be until the new Newport Road Realignment will open? Does anyone know as its now the middle of September and it was scheduled to open last month?

  6. A source I have working at Audie Murphy Ranch says that it's unclear how long it will take now.

    The delay is due to a utility pole sitting in the middle of the gutter on Newport Rd, just next to Walgreens. They need to move that pole off the street. So, however long that takes.

  7. Whelp, here we are in 2008 and still can't drive on the road.

  8. Gee...here we are in FEBRUARY and there is NOONE???? that can tell us when that road will be open. Now they will be closing Goetz and opening a public school with 800 or so students. The traffic will be horrendous. Does anyone else see this coming?

  9. Lets see here. They've seem to have completed about 1 1/2 miles of road (Newport) but can't finish the last 10 feet! What idiot is in charge of this circus?

  10. Yes, we all can see the pole in the way. The question is "Who is going to move it?" This is getting rediculous? Where can we send our concerns?

  11. I just sent an e-mail to the County of Riverside Transportation Department inquiring about a timeline regarding the opening of the Newport Rd. realignment. Even if the county isn't actually doing the roadwork, somebody should be able to point me in the direction of who IS doing the work.

    When I get an answer, I'll create a new post to share the news.

  12. Thank you Todd. It is now April and many of us really want to hear about a timeline. "Evan" posted on the Goetz Rd. article that there is a delay. We all can see that NOTHING has been done for a while. Please do a new article asap and update us all.

  13. June 1, 2008. Still no opening. This is crazy. I was the first poster on this article almost 10 months ago. I called Supervisor Stone's office that Monday (August 6, 2008) and was given info about a MAC (Municipal Advisory Counsel) meeting in Quail Valley where a lot of people were concerned about the closing of Goetz Rd and all. If I remember right, there were a couple different things that were happening, and the last I heard, they were going to put in a traffic light instead of a four-way stop, and everyone was happy, but then the road closing was supposed to happen in February 2008, but that came and went, and I think now the whole road closing thing on Goetz has been put off for some reason... I guess I have to make another phone call to Stone's office on Monday.. :)

  14. June 5, 2008. Talked with the Canyon Lake City Clerk. I'm hearing there is some new issue regarding "land management/engineering" or something which will cause considerable additional delay. I also put in a call to Juan Perez at the county office for some information. Not only is this project over a year overdue, the eastbound side of Newport Road lost a right turn lane at Murrieta Road. They dug up the lane when reducing the sidewalk and just left it undone. It's been barricaded for about six months now. How could there not be an outrage over this situation? Make a mess and just leave it. I know if this project was in Santa Monica or the westside of LA the power interests would not sit silent as do the kick-back, who-cares folk here in ruralville. What an eyesore!

  15. June 16, 2008. Talked with a gentleman at the Riverside County office regarding this work stoppage. They are now going to the bond holder to get the work completed as the developer appears to have abandoned the project. The right turn lane on Newport heading east where it intersects Murrieta Road is being addressed. The county hopes to get some blacktop down and re-stripe the lane. All of this, per my phone call, should happen in two to four months. So let's wait and see if the lanes are open and the intersection cleared come October, 2008. Wagers anyone on this happening?

  16. I have noticed the fence being taken down on Newport Road project. Does this mean it is going to complete soon. Does anyone know anything about it? Please!!!

  17. The fences are coming down because the fence company is not being paid for the rental of the fence. If you think the road will be worked on think again! This is only going to make driving on the uneven road very dangerous so be careful out there.

  18. I posted some updated info on another thread: here.



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