Is Home Depot, Circuit City, and Barnes & Noble Coming?

I was perusing the website of Brenson Communities to check out the latest media offerings on the tow...

I was perusing the website of Brenson Communities to check out the latest media offerings on the townhomes they plan to build on Bogey's Bar & Grill Christensen Ranch.

They have a special page that provides background information on Menifee Valley, including a map of retail stores that are planning to come here. I was intrigued to see Home Depot, Circuit City, and Barnes & Noble, along Scott Road!

Here's what the page has to say about the planned retail...

Countryside Marketplace with a Super Target and Lowe's Home Improvement store. Home Depot, Super Wal-Mart, Costco, Albertson's Food Center and Ralph's Grocery Store are also planned.
You can see for yourself here...

I've been told that Home Depot actually owns a plot of land on the corner of Newport Rd and Murrieta Rd, on the same corner as Walgreens. But I don't know if they're going to build a store there. But if they do indeed own that land, then it's clear that they have their eyes on us.

Hey look! Costco is supposedly being planned too!

Home developers like Brenson and others own land all over Menifee Valley. In order to help sell homes, they partner with big-brand retail stores. That's what this map is all about, convincing people to come here. Whether or not these stores will actually build there is a different story. At least for the moment, it appears they're doing business with Brenson Communities, or another developer.

I haven't contacted Brenson Communities to get more information. I was hoping someone reading this might come forth with more info.

Thanks to Menifee 24/7 readers Aaron and Stacy for sending me the link.


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  1. I seriously doubt that Home Depot will be there, since they are building one just north on Ethanac.

  2. I would think that the Home Depot on Ethanac will service more so the people of Perris. With so many people coming to Menifee, it may make sense. One thing to think about as well is that Lowes is coming to Menifee and where there's a Lowes there is always a Home Depot.

  3. I have been told that the retail that is shown on the map is tenative. Right now all of it is planned and is under review at the county level. Brenson is not working directly with the retailers, but does work with their project managers to find out what is coming into the area so they can better positi