Vandalism in Sun City

Cecile Garcia, a Sun City resident, who also publishes her own website, posted something about her first hand account of vandalism at Santan...

Cecile Garcia, a Sun City resident, who also publishes her own website, posted something about her first hand account of vandalism at Santana's Mexican Restaurant on Bradley Rd.

It happened last Wednesday, she saw in her words were "three skinny dumbass kids" using their bike pedals to chip away at the concrete on a planter. She called out to them to stop, and they laughed away in their skinny dumbass voices...

...I told them; "It's against the law to vandalize public property!" They laughed defiantly and looked at a middle aged man that seemed to be encouraging their behavior. He sure as hell wasn't stopping them. One of the kids asked the man, "Duh, what did she say?" Then the man (jackass) said: "I don't know." How could he not understand me. I speak English-- I was born and raised here! Their defiant, arrogant, 'no one can touch me' attitude, got on my nerves! The stupid man kept taking pictures of those kids destroying the planter with one of those fancy cell phones. I believe he was related in some way to them--perhaps.

You read her full account here, while she still has it online...

Cecile went on to say that she called the police, which I assume is the Sheriff's department, who apparently visited the scene, and saw the marks.

On a related note, the Sheriff's Office posted a notice today that they plan to hold a "National Night Out" event in Lake Elsinore at the Target Store, on Tuesday, August 7. National Night Out is a nationwide event that seeks to strengthen the bond between local law enforcement and citizens watch groups. The Lake Elsinore Police Department will display the Ticket 2 Ride Youth Safety Town and Fatal Vision Driving Course. They will also have DJ entertainment, and a Classic Car Show.


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  1. This is one good reason I can see for carrying a cell phone camera (mine currently doesn't have a camera). How great it would be if the lady pulled out her own cell phone and snapped some pictures of the kids and the idiot adult and gave them to police. I'd like to encourage this to everyone who feels helpless when they see crimes taking place.
    If people don't fear God, they will have to be made to fear the police. Since God has become largely politically incorrect and "outcast" by our society, government is the only authority we have left. Scary but true.

  2. Mam your very brainwashed into beliving that the goverment is out to help you! Their out to inprison us into our own areas without room to breath. Just wait till they begin to have curfews do you think that would make things better. Fear of God. No mam fear of man! for he is corrupt in his very nature. Those kids are defiant great. I hope more defiant ones come so that when the police start enforcing laws to hurt the citizens then you will wish that those Defiants ones are around to help you!



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