Cityhood Feasibility Study Released

Cityhood officially took a step forward yesterday. The feasibility study was made public, officially showing that a future city in the Menifee Valley is financially feasible.

The study discusses three different feasibility options, based on three different proposed borders.

You can see these three different proposed boundaries on the Menifee Valley Incorporation Committee website...

According to The Californian, the feasibility study shows that the third option (denoted on the above map as "Study Area 3") has best shot of providing a financially sound city.

Study Area 3 incorporates a chunk of land currently known as "Harvest Valley", which includes the new Heritage Lakes development, the new Heritage High School, and even the "Romola Farms" barn, train, and country store.

It looks like it also includes Richardson's RV along Encanto Drive (off the I-215), which would be a great boost for the new city.

Another reason why Study Area 3 is the best option is because it provides plenty of available land for commercial development. The Heritage Lakes development in this area may also provide plenty of votes in favor of cityhood.

Glad to hear your comments on the three proposed boundary options, particularly Study Area 3.


  1. Study number 3 sounds the best doesn't make sense to have Heritage High outside city limits...

  2. Steve,

    You might want to clarify that just "Study Area 3" is not the boundary option. The boundary option according to the analysis is "Boundary Alternative 3", which includes Study Areas 1, 2 & 3 of the map.

  3. The neighborhood north of Ethanac and east of Antelope is not the best of areas. May cost more in the long run providing services in that area. To include Heritage Lake is a "no brainer."

  4. I have noticed that there has been a total lack of discussion on Law Enforcement related to this latest study. There is talk of Fire Service. What is the plan for Policing?