Injured Hawk Rescued in Menifee

Menifee resident, Whanda Madrid, sent us this news about an injured hawk she found on the street, and how she helped rescue it. This all ha...

Menifee resident, Whanda Madrid, sent us this news about an injured hawk she found on the street, and how she helped rescue it. This all happened yesterday...

8:am I found an injured Hawk in the middle of the road on Menifee Road and First Star diagonal to Wheatfield Park. I was on my way home from dropping my sons off at Callie Kirkpatrick. As I was waiting to turn on my street I noticed that no one was stopping. It was apparent that someone was going to hit the bird so I put my hazards lights on and walked over to bird and put it across the street in the bushes.

I went home, found a box and went back to retrieve the bird. When I did a coyote was running from Wheatfield park to where I was with the bird. I was standing their with two girls in my neighborhood who were getting reading to walk to Bell Mountain. The coyote ran up the small hill in the bushes behind one of my neighbors house.

So the Hawk is in my kitchen in a box. I called around looking for someone from the county to come pick it up and fix it's wing.

I called San Diego Zoo and Wildlife but they didn't want to take the Hawk. So the riverside county animal shelter came by at noon and picked up the bird.
Hawks are marvelous birds! They actually help keep the vermin population down.

Injured hawk at Whanda's house

Riverside County Animal Control with Hawk


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  1. Thats awesome!!

  2. Way to go Whanda !! One of the things I have always loved best living out here in Menifee, is seeing all the beautiful Hawks. How lucky are we???
    I'm not sure if they still have this service, but "Not just for Paws" in Canyon Lake, used to specialize in the care of wildlife.
    You did the right thing...God Bless you !!!

  3. I would like everyone to know that Whanda is a great person !! I had called her for a donation for our youth football league and she happily replied and gave us a super donation. I went to her home to pick up the donation and she was so nice, I was happy to see that Menifee does have great people in its neighborhoods!!!!
    These hawks suffer terribly when they go to pick at the remains of rodents that have been killed on the roads. Last year there were so many of them hit, that I lost count. With this heat, they are going to have a hard time finding prey for themselves, so let's all look out for them when we see them on the side of the road !!!

  4. That's an interesting point about the heatwave. The dry conditions are driving rodents out of the fields and into the neighborhoods in search of food and water. Hence, the hawks are too.