Menifee History Book

There is a book covering the early days of Menifee and the area, entitled "Menifee Valley". It's a pictorial history of Menifee using old photographs depicting the valley as it looked a hundred years ago up to today.

Written by Elinor Martin and Betty Bouris, members of the Menifee Valley Historical Society, and descendants of Menifee's pioneering families, it provides a wealth of information on our city's unique history.

You can buy it from (Click on the book to the left)


  1. I actually bought a copy myself, thanks.

  2. Barbara A Spencer, PresidentJanuary 31, 2007 2:56 PM

    Menifee Valley the dry land farming era 1880-1960 in a publication of the Menifee Valley Historical Assocation Inc. we meet on 3rd Saturdays at the Rural Center (new Town & Country Center) on Haun Road and Garboni.

    Please buy books from members as we only receive a small commission on 'store bought' copies. Barbara A Spencer, President 951 244-1352


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