Hearing Tonight About Edison's Proposed Power Plant

The following announcement came to us from the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce...

If you are interested in learning more about Edison's proposed power plant, the South Coast Air Quality Management District tonight is hosting a hearing at the Romoland Elementary School, 25890 Antelope Road, Romoland. The hearing begins at 6 p.m. and the District will answer questions and take comments from the audience.

If you can make it, Edison would appreciate the support.

As a reminder, the power plant is near the intersection of Matthews and Menifee Roads. The project would produce 500 megawats of power and operate only when the power grid is strained due to air conditioners running on hot summer days or if there is a power emergency.

The power plant will use clean-burning natural gas and recycled water and will meet all local, state and federal regulations that cover energy producers. It will also generate millions of tax dollars for the region.
Here is a map of where the power plant would be...


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