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I went to a lunch sponsered by the Chamber a couple of weeks ago where Jeff Stone was the speaker. He gave out alot of good information. He ...

I went to a lunch sponsered by the Chamber a couple of weeks ago where Jeff Stone was the speaker. He gave out alot of good information. He is pushing to get an emergency lane put in on the 215 freeway to ease the congestion. Although, there is lots of red tape with the Transportaion department he has to break through. He talked about the Sheriff Dept. and how we have more police patrolling the area. I have noticed an increase of Sheriff cars on the roads.
We are supposed to be getting a large sports park put in on Newport Road, East of Bradley.
This Town needs more parks, but not little neighborhood parks. We need large sports complexes to house Football, Soccer, Baseball, Softball and Basketball Leagues. Jeff Stone mentioned putting lights at all the Schools, I don't think he realizes that the schools aren't that easy to work with. The Leagues have to pay for using these facilities,they have to be done by a certain time so the Janitor can lock up, etc...
The baseball and softball leagues would like to utilize the snack bar at Wheatfield Park, we can't do it, somehow the Women's Club of Menifee is the sole group that can run a snack bar there. How is this possible? They don't own Valley Wide. It is a battle we at the Menifee Valley Little League has been battling for years.
We should be getting large anchor stores and around 15+ restaurants at the Haun and Newport Road intersections.
Off of Ethanac Road in Sun City, a large shopping complex, with Home Depot as an anchor store is coming.


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  1. Holly:
    Maybe I can be of some help as I have been a member of the "Lake Menifee Women's Club" since 1991, served as their Concession Coordinator from 1997-2003, and just completed my 3rd term as President.
    The answer to your question as to why our club has been given sole usage of the Snack Bar, you need to go back to 1992 when our club was granted this usage by "Sam Goepp" who is the General Manager for the Valley Wide Parks & Rec of Inland Valley. Mr Goepp, along with the Menifee Master Association President at the time, agreed that our Club's fundraising efforts would benefit the community as a whole. Our Club has been hosting yearly Community Events such as: Easter Egg Hunt, Menifee's Independence Day Celebration, Harvest Carnival & Arrival of Santa Claus. All of these events are "FREE" to all who attend and have been an asset to the community of Menifee Valley. In addition to the events, our club makes yearly donations to many organizations that have asked for our help. One of those organizations has been the M.V Little League, Paloma Pony League and the Menifee Girls Softball league.
    As a note to who may be concerned, our Concession usage is by no means an easy endeavor, as we work solely with Volunteers, our yearly Health Dept Certificate runs us close to $800.00, we pay rent to Valley Wide monthly, and all of our Equipment such as our (2) Commercial frig's and (1) Commercial Freezer cost our club nearly $5000K , in addition to our (2) Commercial microwaves that were $1600k. It may surprize many of you to know that you may no longer just set up a "Snack Shack" with home refrigators, home microwaves etc. The Health Dept will no longer approve those items when your Concession is located within a permanent site. So for those groups who set up open air BBQ's and a Pop up tent and call it a day, be thankful that you are not under the careful eye of the Health Dept and you fall under the radar of having to pay yearly fees, and expensive equipment.
    Our club works extremly hard to give back to our Community those things that set us apart from other communities. We are proud of what we do and for who we do it for.
    I also need to add that throughout these many years our Club has been asked many times to give up our Concession to several different Sports Groups so that they may have a day or weekend to have their own Concession for their OWN fundraising efforts, and we have ALWAYS been gracious and respectful of their request and closed our Concession.
    I hope this answers some of your questions.

  2. I want to say that there is a "regional park" planned within the new Audie Murphy Ranch. I still don't have any details on Audie Murphy Ranch, but I remember attending a public hearing on La Ladera Park a few years ago, where county representatives mentioned that the regional park in Audie Murphy would have sports facilities.

  3. Just found this website... what a great informational tool it is! Thanks for the site guys. I wanted to just back up what Marci has mentioned about the Snack Bar over at Wheatfield. I, for one, have worked in the snack bar in the past and do certainly respect the Womens club and all their efforts in the organization and hard work ethics they display.

    I can understand the frustration of outside organizations that would love to work the prime spot of the snack bar at Wheatfield.

    Thanks to Valley Wide and the MMA they have securred a *sure* money maker for the community of Menifee. If it wasnt for this particular endeavor, the yearly FREE to homeowners and all who come FIREWORKS just wouldnt happen.

    Thanks Marci for clarifying the Womens club and Holly... if you need any ideas for *other* fundraiser feel free to give me a call... I have a pretty big list of them I can help ya with!

    Vicki Nardone - Realtor (team mom , softball manager, etc LOL)
    (951) 304-1200

  4. Hi all, just found out about this web site, very informative! I have a comment/question if anyone wants to contribute. I live just south of the Audie Murphy project between Newport and Holland. It used to be the most peaceful place on earth when we first moved here 14 years ago. My comment is, this is pretty much hell on earth now. Dirt and noise and trucks and traffic! It not no fun living with all of that going on right in my backyard. My question is: does anyone know if there is any developer looking at our property? I will sell in a minute as I know several others around me will too. As it is, we couldn't sell it ourselves because no one wants to live with all of this going on--------we can't move even if we want too! Developers can have this area; it is not our peaceful little ranches any longer; I want to get out of here!



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