Audie Murphy Ranch Is Too Noisy

Here is a note from someone who lives just south Audie Murphy Ranch, and complains the construction work is too noisy... Hi all, just found ...

Here is a note from someone who lives just south Audie Murphy Ranch, and complains the construction work is too noisy...
Hi all, just found out about this web site, very informative! I have a comment/question if anyone wants to contribute. I live just south of the Audie Murphy project between Newport and Holland. It used to be the most peaceful place on earth when we first moved here 14 years ago. My comment is, this is pretty much hell on earth now. Dirt and noise and trucks and traffic! It not no fun living with all of that going on right in my backyard. My question is: does anyone know if there is any developer looking at our property? I will sell in a minute as I know several others around me will too. As it is, we couldn't sell it ourselves because no one wants to live with all of this going on - we can't move even if we want too! Developers can have this area; it is not our peaceful little ranches any longer; I want to get out of here!
Even if you're not a developer, I'm sure that real estate is going to go up in price, once Audie Murphy Ranch completes construction.


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  1. OH I completly agree...the blasting has rocked my house. Tramatized my husband and pets. I have taken to replacing my air conditioning filter every month.Made a mess of my pool and I hate it.

  2. We have had the same problem, incredible dust, and explosions. we had one blasting that send rocks into the neighbors pool, and actually hit someone who was in their backyard.

  3. I just wish they would buy us out and use our land in another phase of the developement. We are so surrounded by housing developments now that soon they will be re-zoning so we can't have our animals. We can't ride our horses now because every piece of land is being developed! If it comes to the time where the county says no more animals; what are we going to do with 5 acres or more. We all came here to have the room to have horses, or goats, or chickens. What good is a barn if you can't board your horses; or a pasture where you are not allowed to have animals? It is too crowded here now---------I want to take my animals and move north where there is still some farm land to be had.

  4. What's going on with this development?

  5. Well I feel for all you done there with all the noise. But I have a few questions for you all. 1. didnt the city have council meeting to inform the public of this project. It was voted in and you could of made your concerns known. 2. You could of been apart of that vote. 3. There is so much that could of been done, lastly all of you living in that area are suffering just like the rest of the million of home owners around the country were the investers of those projects just picked up stuff and left town when they saw the turn down of the darivative swaps at wall street
    15 year career lost in construction
    Developers only see the bottom line