Wheatfield Park Needs More Park Benches

Whanda Madrid, a Menifee 24/7 readers, asked me to publish her opinion on needing more park benches at Wheatfield Park...


I was wondering who we would need to contact to get park benches installed at Wheatfield Park. I have taken my kids their numerous times but theirs no place for the adults to sit and watch their kids. Unless we sit on a swing, slide or on a step near the woodchips. I see lots of parents doing this and it’s very uncomfortable. We also need a running water fountain and more shade for the adults and kids. I’m not sure who designed the concept of Wheatfield Park but parents need to have somewhere to put their things down so they can enjoy watching their kids play.

In addition, I have noticed a lot of graffiti on the play set out there and my eight year old is old enough to read these comments. Some of the comments are very foul... So who keeps these parks in accordance?

Whanda Madrid, BSHA
This is just a matter of attending a Menifee MAC meeting, and voicing your opinion. You can also contact Supervisor Stone's Menifee field office, and talk to his assistants there.

In every budget year, there is a fixed amount of money for the County to spend. A lot of it goes to law enforcement, the judicial system, penions of retired employees, libraries, animal shelters, etc. Upgrading park facilities is probably furthest down the list of priorities, AND, Riverside County is a pretty big county, stretching all the way out to the Arizona border.

The Home Owners Association there ought to be able to help out. Perhaps this can be discussed at your next HOA meeting.

Also check out La Ladera Park, at the west side of town. Lots of benches, tables, and shade there.


  1. Actually my community Shadow Ridge does not have a HOA, unfortunately. Thanks, Steve for posting my concerns. I will try and make it to the MAC meeting.

  2. Why?

    So more gang members or trouble makers have a place to sit!

  3. Whanda:
    You will need to contact "Vince Valdez" at the Valley Wide Rec at Wheatfield @ 672-6744, as this park is maintained by Valley Wide through the Mello Roos Taxes of those living within the area.
    Shade,Water,Benches have been needed items at that park since it's opening back in the early 90's.
    Good Luck !!!

  4. Thanks Marcy, I appreciate your positive comments and I will check into it.

  5. I carry a tin of denatured achohol and a rag in my truck. It works real well on removing grafiti.

  6. Wanda,

    Shadow Ridge Phase one does have an HOA. I will see if I can get it in the next HOA meeting.

  7. Yes, Shadow Ridge 1 has an HOA but I live in the new development of Shadow Ridge 2 and we do not have one, unfortunately... However, that would be great if you could look into that...


  8. I contacted Jeff Stone's Office and this was their response below:

    The park is part of the Valley-Wide Park and Rec. district. The contact person to call is Vince at 672-6744. I already advised them about the graffiti and it will be removed.

    Ron Roberts, Legislative Team member
    Third District Supervisor Stone’s staff

  9. I spoke with, Vince Valdez at the Valley Wide Recreational Center 2 to 3 weeks ago. He stated that they had park benches located at Wheat Field Park before but kids would move them around. So they decided to remove the park benches and wait until the trees are full grown to attach the benches to them.

    He also stated that they need to provide a type of canopy for the benches to help with the shade and as well prevent kids from skating on them. Vince expressed to me that he would try to have benches placed at Wheat Field Park in a month or so.

  10. what happened to the outdoor basketball hoops in wheatfield park? are they installing new ones? or totally getting rid of them? they were taken off for a month or so now. thanks.