More Crossing Guards Wanted on Menifee Road

Whanda Madrid, a Menifee 24/7 reader, submitted the following e-mail to me regarding how to get more crossing guards on Menifee Rd...


I wanted to know what I can or the community can do to get more crossing guards or crossing walks. I live in the Shadow Ridge Community across from Abbey Lane and we need a crossing guard on Menifee Rd and 1st Star Court and Menifee Rd. and Holland. The two new Shadow Ridge developments have increased the ratio of kids in Menifee. A lot of the kids in that community need to cross the street from the left side to the right towards Wheatfield Park. The traffic on Menifee Rd is horrible and cars are speeding and rushing to get their kids to school in the morning.

As a result, I see kids waiting and waiting to cross so they can walk or ride their bike to school. Especially, at the stop sign on Holland and Menifee Rd, people stop real quickly and keep going without letting the kids cross. This is so dangerous and someone's kid is going to get HIT. People really need to slow down, get off their cell phones, and let the kids pass. It's really ridiculous...

I spoke with Mrs. Hanke the principle at Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary about getting more crossing guards. She stated that it's difficult because Menifee is not a city and it took her several years to get a 2nd crossing guard near the school. She stated that contacting Jeff Stone would be the way to go. I was wondering if anybody else had any information or contacts to get this passed, immediately.

I hoping we as a community can work together to get at least two more crossing guards and a cross walk sooner than later. Menifee is a rapidly growing community with lots of precious kids wondering around and we need to step up to the plate and protect our kids. I have two boys ages 5 and 8 and I'm too scared to let them walk or ride their bike to school because of this hazard.

Whanda Madrid, BSHA
Ultimately, it's the parents responsibility of getting their kids to school safely and on time. If you're frightened for your kids safety, don't wait for the County to do something.

As for getting more crossing guards, it'll probably have to be a team of volunteers. But someone has to be willing to organize this team. I'm sure the County and the school district would love nothing more than to have folks in the community willing to volunteer themselves. The question is "who" wants to organize this, and get this sanctioned by the County or school district.

The State of California has the "Adopt a Highway" program, where businesses can adopt a stretch of highway, and clean up the litter. In return, they get a sign posted on the highway with their name and logo on it. Why not also have, "Adopt a Corner", where businesses can designate an employee to act as a crossing guard, and in exchange also get their name and logo posted on a sign.

There is supposedly another Menifee MAC meeting coming up, but I don't have the specifics on the date yet. This is Menifee's official means of talking to Supervisor Stone. You should bring it up at the meeting.

Stone also has a Menifee field office, and you can contact his assistants there.

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  1. Right now, I don’t allow my kids to walk or ride their bike to school. It upsets them because their friends are allowed to do so. My philosophy is to be safe than sorry.

    I will check out Jeff Stone’s office and find out more about the MAC meeting.

    Thanks again, Steve!!

  2. Oh, by the way I like your idea!!

  3. Whanda:
    I work for MUSD as a Crossing Guard for Freedom Crest Elem and Bell Mtn Middle School. You can also contact "Dave Brown" Director of Transportation for the Menifee District @ 679-6833.
    I understand that at most locations it is more about the number of children needing to cross and the location to the school as to if a Guard is posted.
    I know they sent out someone to observe the location near CKE after a child was (not seriously) bumped on his bike by a car. I'd hate to think it would take a near miss or worse to get some help.
    I hope I'm of some help to you.
    Good Luck.........and hey remember folks......the speed limit around a school is 25mph !! La Piedra is a real freeway and it's a scary street for us Crossing Guards !!!
    Let's protect our greatest assest.....OUR KIDS !!!!

  4. Thanks again, Marcy for the information and I will call Dave tomorrow.. Have a great day!!

  5. This is the response I received from Jeff Stone’s office today:

    Dear Whanda,

    The County does not fund crossing guards. Crossing guards are funded
    by school districts in the unincorporated areas of the County. Menifee
    Union School Distr. has their own crossing guard program. Pls. contact the Distr. office on your request. Thanks.

    As well, I spoke with Dave Brown today who is the Director of Transportation for the Menifee District. He stated I would need to speak with his supervisor Dan Wood. He also stated that I would need to have factual information on how many kids actually cross the street (i.e. 5 or 8 kids etc...) before anything can be done.

    So I will be surveying the streets off of Menifee Rd/Holland and Menifee Rd/ First Star Court. If anyone would like to help that would be great.

  6. Regards to this poster's statement:

    "The traffic on Menifee Rd is horrible and cars are speeding and rushing to get their kids to school in the morning."

    Suggestion from a working crossing guard:

    I work as a crossing guard at Bell Mountain Middle School. It is really bad on this side with crazy drivers and speeders in the area. Might I suggest something. Our priciple Mr. White contacted the San Jacinto College Police and asked if they would drive through, patrol or park in the area to slow drivers down as a courtesy and it has worked out great for us. They come by in the morning and afternoon when ever they are available and do a great job. They have stopped and issued a few drivers tickets and made themselves visible in the area and we rarely have anymore problems with speeders. Just a suggestion.

    Good Luck.

  7. Raquel WilliamsJune 29, 2007 12:41 PM

    I'm wondering if anyone has even considered patrolling Menifee Road.
    I live in Lake Ridge Estates and every day I hear people race right through the stop sign at La Peidra and Menifee.
    My Son and Myself were nearly run over! Trying to cross at the cross walk. This is getting worse every day. I can only hope and pray that some child or adult does not need to die, Before the County does something about this issue.
    Raquel Williams

  8. I know that this is an old discussion but I have a question for Marcy (or anyone else who might have the answer). I would like to become a crossing guard. What all must I do to make that happen?

  9. Candy,
    I am not sure, but my guess would be to make a call to the District office. That may get you on the right direction, more than posting on a blog.


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