Introduction / Observation

I am Mac, the newest staff writer on the ever evolving Menifee 24-7 site.

A big thanks to Steve for giving me a chance to share a few words with you all.
Introductions are great and I am really glad to meet you but you know what? I came here to say a few things so lets move on to that.

Menifee is a great place. Not a bad area at all, in fact it is probably a hundred times better then a lot of other places I have lived. In general there aren't many complaints discussed when I take the time to visit with my neighbors. Nothing out of the ordinary. "Sometimes people drive too fast..." "People leave trash around..." etc...

Small time stuff.

Something different has been mentioned recently though, and after I took a moment to investigate I found it to be true. (This story could probably be more elaborate but for the sake of length I will cut to the chase) There is a certain amount of drug dealing going on at the fast food establishments off of the corner of Newport and Antelope. Namely inbetween Taco Bell and Jack in the Box.

It is a nightly thing and our local police have been notified but have yet to act on it. (This is starting to sound like the previous post)

These kids are underage, out at 12AM and later, and just sitting on the tail gate of their truck in between the two restaurants for hours at a time dealing and our local law enforcement has yet to get them to move on.

This is bad enough, but I happen to believe in live and let live. I don't agree but I don't force beliefs on anyone either.

Mind your own business and all that.

Where my opinion starts to change is recently these kids have turned to a certain level of violence against some rival kids. (Including threats on their life)

One night this escolated in my own neighborhood and caused me and a few other local homeowners to call the police when the fight came to my yard. (Did I fail to mention they had baseball bats?) The police came, talked to the boys and let them all go.

Wow. What does it take to get these things looked in to? I just don't know.

I hope you have a clue because I am starting to think the local law enforcement does not.


  1. I think most people are like you and don't want to interfere until it affects them. Like in the pervious discussion regarding "gang activity" most of us want a safe environment for our children. So if the police don't do anything then what do we do? We cannot just wait until a child or someone we know gets hurt. I know that "crime watch" is effective in neighborhoods, but what about public places such as Jack in the Box? How as a community can we come together to put pressure on the police. Any suggestions??

  2. It is a hard call, I didn't mention it in my post but for clarity, these were the same kids from Jack in the Box / Taco Bell and I have seen them there since, still doing their thing.

    We as homeowners / concerned community members can only do so much I fear, this isn't the old west, we can't really drive the bad element out of town. We pay taxes for that.


  3. I have been reading alot about the Jack In BoxTaco Bell/Target Center parkinglots. I know I've seen many problems in those areas. We have some assets available to us in the Menifee Lakes/Rustler Ranch area. The Sheriff cannot be everywhere at once. I have realized that now since living here for eight years. Our secuirty in the Lakes is not really that great and have no powers to do anything. When i see something suspicious, a serious crime going on or get a bad feeling about someone in our neighborhood, My wife, her mother or I usually just call the Mt Sac Junior College Police. They have come out several times and caught people doing drugs, drinking and doing tagging. We realize the Sheriff cannot be everywhere at once and were told at our association meeting that the Sheriff and Junior College Police in Menifee work close together and that they could be called if it is an emergency situation or dangerous situation and the Sheriff cannot get there right away. We have called them on several occassions and they have showed up within 1-2 minutes. Mabey this is an option for some of you facing these problems and seeing these problems in our community. I'm not sure of the exact phone number for thier police department, but it is in the Menifee lakes News Letter and on the Mt Sac College Directory on thier website. Just a suggestion.

  4. Found it: The Menifee Mt San Jacinto College Police Department Direct Phone Number is 951-639-5180 or the can be reached through 911 as well, you just have to ask the dispatcher to transfer you to their dispatcher. They are actual cops with the same powers and authority as any other police or sheriff. So mabey they can address the problem at the shopping center or coordinate with the Sheriff to both help handle it.

    Good Luck.

  5. I too am concerned about recent developments in regards to drug activity in and around our homes here in the Menifee Lakes area. But what concerns me more are the reports that when the Police arrive they do nothing more than speak with these people and no arrests are being made. I actually was told that people have observed an Officer taking a Marijuana joint from a kid and putting in his pocket, with no arrests made. Am I wrong but isn't Pot still Illegal?? I don't think the kid was going through Chemo treatments and had a permit !! Are the courts just too overloaded to handle all the cases? Is this the reason the Police Depts are encouraging most people not to press charges in a lot of cases? I guess I'm confused and maybe painting with too broad a stroke in regards to our Police service. I respect them immensly, but I am concerned about what is going on here in Menifee.

  6. I'm happy to see these discussions happen. Much like the last discussion post, these are the elements plaguing our community. It seems nobody wants to point fingers or even acknowledge these issues here in Menifee.

    The fact is, there is a high concentration of "troublemakers" (for lack of a better word) that feel free to do what ever they wish around here. Law enforcement is a joke, always too busy to deal with drugs and vandalism. They're always more concerned with the "more serious" issues up in Perris.

    I want this to be a great community that I'm proud to raise my kids in. The disgraceful behavior of some of our adults and teens combined with the unwillingness of law enforcement to help is of great concern to me.

    Many citizens of this community wish to insure its success and desirability. Saying and doing nothing (live and let live) will facilitate the growth of this undesired element.

    How do we demand and get ACTION from law enforcement? Selling drugs at Taco Bell may not be as bad as the gang/turf wars in Perris, but these are OUR problems. WE want them fixed! NOW!

  7. I personally will ask my Master Assoc to yet again invite our local Police to one of our monthly meetings, as I know there are many citizens who have many of these same concerns we have seen posted. The point being, we may not have the same crime rate as Perris, but it won't take long before lose our hold on crime. Why not be proactive in curbing this crime now in it's infancy, rather than wait until we have HUGE problems. We need to SPEAK UP and let our voices be heard people. It's OUR tax monies that may their salaries, and we deserve all that we can get from our dollars.

  8. Hello everyone. I'm a Menifee homeowner. I've lived here for a couple years or so and I love it so far. I just wanted to make a couple comments.

    First of all, I want to say that I am glad to hear that a lot of homeowners in the Menifee area are expressing their concerns with certain issues going on around here. This is usually the beginning steps towards a better community.

    Id also like to mention some solutions to all the "gang or drug activities". As a previous writer writes, there are many good solution to these negative occurrences. Like make yourselves visible at all hours of the day, take a walk, hang out in front of your homes, drive around, etc.

    These little steps taken by all of us will help tremendously.

    I hope we can all come together as grown ups and fight all the crimes until they're as minimum as possible.

  9. Why are we generalizing the statement: "The police in our area have no clue whats going on and dont do thier job!" Please specify what department? I live in Menifee Lakes and have not nesassarly given up on the Sheriff but have gotten smarter and noticed that not only the Sheriff is in our area but the Menifee College District Poilce are as well. I find it very interesting from the last poster about the number for them, about them and how he experienced positive reponse times and good services from them. If your not getting a quick enough response from the Sheriff, then give them a call. I see them and they are very active in that specific area you are all speaking of: Around Taco-Bell and the Target Store. Our association has gotten reports that they have folded many vandalism crimes, multiple burlaries of cars and homes in the area. I say "KUDO'S" to them and Keep up the great work. A small, yet effective police force right here in our own back yards. I personally go to that college and have encountered thier officers on a couple of occassions: They are very friendly, professional and have always answered any questions people have and were willing to address issues that could not be handled right away. They even have a full service police office that includes, Fingerprints, Personal Safety Literature, hand outs, and coloring books for the kids. I suggest in addition to getting out and going on walks in the neighborhood and being visible, that everyone takes the opportunity to stop in there and say hello.

    Menifee LKS Res.

  10. I have to agree with the last poster: I live in that area too and have noticed a good amount of police presence from the local school police from the college. At first I was a little confused about who they were, what they did, if they were cops or not? However, a month or so ago, the Menifee Lakes Association had a meeting where the Sheriff's office sent two officers to address FAQ's. I posed the question regarding teh school police in the area and was told the following: By California state law: They are sworn California State Peace Officers, Employed by the State of California-through the college district which is a State School. It was explained that thier main focus was the safety, crime deterence and to provide police services for the school. However, they are not restricted or confined to the boundaries of the school and can and will enforce laws and assist the local community as needed. (What all good neighbors should do!)

    Once this was explained to everyone, the entire community had abetter understanding of what they were about. Since that happened, the community realized that the police department for the school is "Right in thier own backyard." as one poster put it. I am very happy to have them in the area and know that they do a great job. I've heard a few gripes about people getting speeding tickets and that kind of stuff but I think it's great and mabey those folks otta slow down because we all got kids in this area and nobody wants an accident to happen.

    The last poster mentioned that the person complaining about drug problems, gang problems and teens hanging out should give them a call, Why not. I'm sure thier police department would'nt have a problem chasing tehm off or arresting them if they had to. We all gotta realize, getting our own police services the way we want them is a long ways away. We need to be more active in our community, use the resources we do have available to us and do the best with what we got. I encourage everyone to get out there and talk to local teens, make ourselves visible, address these issues in association and neighborhood watch meetings. Hey theres an idea!: We have a neighborhood watch, lets invite everyone to include the Mount San Jacinto college police, Sheriff, local business owners, school officials, park officials and store managers of that problem shopping center and mabey we can all collectively come up with a plan. I think that would be great if we could get a representative from each place and address these issues and come up with some game plans or solutions.

  11. Just to chime in on here, I was disappointed that Sheriff Doyle was reelected. We had four years to know that he couldn't do any better than his predecessor, yet he was reelected.

    It's too bad that more Menifee/Sun City residents couldn't attend the Sheriff's debate in Sun City last May (see my original report). One of the candidates, Rick Sayre (who finished third in the balloting), was very adamant in addressing the problems we're having today by focusing on the basics of answering calls, putting more cops on the street, and taking pragmatic approach to law enforcement.

    Here's Rick Sayre, a guy who was already retired from law enforcement, had nothing to gain from getting back into law enforcement, willing to bring respect back to an office ridiculed with corruption and inefficiencies, but very few voters even bothered to familiarize themselves with the candidates.

  12. My car was stolen from Menifee back in June and discovered in Temecula. Apparently, my car was used to commit other crimes in the area. The officer told me cars are stolen for two reasons to joy ride or to commit other crimes.

    My car had other people’s belongings like a brief case, organizer, insurance card, wallet, and etc... I even found a 17 inch knife in the passenger seat. Yikes!! When I brought my car back to the police station for them to finger print the knife or something they acted nonchalant. I even asked them to contact the people whose belongings were in my car and they were not interested.

    He said, “We don’t have the time, money or resources to brother with finding the people who steal cars”. I was so shocked because car theft is considered grand theft, right. He said, “They only have 6 detectives and they get over 20 thefts a week”. He took my name and information and I haven’t heard from him since.

    If police have this type of attitude then criminals are going to continue to commit crimes because they know they can get away with it.

    Something is wrong with the system to allow this to happen...

    Whanda M.

  13. Too bad about your car. Sorry to hear you went through that. Did anybody hear anything about the motorcycle accident or possible pursuit that was on Antelope Road just outside of the Bank of America Parking Lot, on Tuesday? I drove by and it was blocked off with police, fire and ambulances. I got a quick peak and could see it was a motorcycle and a young man in military fatigues lying on his back being worked on by medics and police. I hope that young man is okay. The road was shut down about an two hours and there were several polic cars in the area. It looked as if it was the end of a police chase, becuase they had sheriff's, highway patrol, police and officers or detectives dressed in plain clothes, w/police vests. Just curious, looked like alot of police activity.

  14. Reference the Motorcycle accident; it was not a police pursuit. A young Marine on his motorcycle had a vehicle pull out in front of him while he was driving south on Antelope road. I saw the College Police and CHP there. They did a great job helping that young Marine. The Police were there in about 1-2 minutes thank god!

  15. That is great news. Anyone know if he is going to be okay? Great police response by the college police department. Once again, they prove to be a valuable asset to our community and koodo's to those officers who reponded and helped out that young man. People need to realize that drivers need to be more careful in the area. I am a strong supporter of all the traffic violator enforcement in the area of Antelope and Newport Roads. Keep up the great work College Police, Sheriff and CHP!

  16. I am a little nervous reading these blogs about crime. I am moving from another state where crime is almost unheard of in my town. I have purchased a home in Menifee Lakes and it is so beautiful around there. This is now 2007 and the blogs were written in 2006. Have the police taken any action and cleaned up the area where the drug dealing is going on?

  17. not really. they do like to
    write traffic if you speed around the college watch out!
    you can sell dope or rob anyone just as long as its not done in there presence.