La Ladera Park - More Info

La Ladera ParkHere's more information on the La Ladera Park currently under construction, at the corner of La Ladera Road and Country Fair Drive, in the Menifee Hills development.

La Ladera park was funded by CSA 145 funds. It has 8.3 acres. The ground-breaking ceremony was held in April, 2005 and it is scheduled to open by October 2005. It has 2 tot lots for different age groups, a softball field with an inlay soccer field, a basket ball court, a tennis court, a walking trail with exercise stations, a picnic area with barbeques and shade structures.

The graphic to the right is a thumbnail image of what the park will look like. Click the image to see a larger display. You can also download the PDF file of this drawing, and expand it even more to see the intricate details.

Thanks to Julie Johnson, of the Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce for getting this information to us.


  1. Can I get some other cross streets as to where this park is? Where is it in relation to Newport?


  2. Main cross streets are Newport and La Ladera, in the western portion of Menifee.

  3. This is a Great Park! Thank you for all the amenities. Sincerely, Judi Komo

  4. Now if we could just bring the small park on Bradley just south of Newport up to par.I've emailed John Denver at least 3 times now to get at least swing sets brought in and set up for the large family population in the nearby track, but nothing. That's been 6 months ago now. Lets hope this isnt going to be a indication of our new mayors abilities, or lack thereof... Ah the delays of Menifee...just for a swing set. La Ladera is one of the best parks around and is used by a lot of people, and the views are fabulous!


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