Keep our Children Safe!

I want to share an event that occured Wed. July 27 near La Paloma Park, off Menifee Rd. For those who know the area, the park is located near Kirkpatrick Elementary. A third grader was walking home when a male approached him and asked him if he wanted some candy. The man, described as a slender White male driving a black SUV followed the student, who smartly ran away from the man. Apparently the car followed him a short while before driving away. Local law enforcement agents were notified.

Needless to say, it is important that we teach our children about keeping themselves safe and making sure they walk in groups. Although we live in a nice, upper scale community, we need to realize that these things can occur here. Please take some time to visit Caliornia website, Megan's Law for more information about keeping your children safe. It is sad to see that every community/city is affected by these individuals.

This ironically connects with the previous listing! We need to make sure we have adequate police protection! To steal a part from Julie Johnson's post:

I think its time that the residents get mad about not having adequate public safety. Write Sheriff Bob Doyle and tell him to stop playing politics and start protecting Menifee Valley! AdministrationSheriff Bob Doyle4095 Lemon StreetRiverside, CA 92501(951) 955-2400or


  1. You should check with the college police department in Menifee, they are always in the area and mabey we can at least have them do a drive through once and a while. We all know the Sheriff is busy and they cannot get to everything, so lets try looking at other resources and asking them. They could work something out similar to UCR Police in Riverside who patrol the residential areas.

  2. I just recently moved here and was amazed to see the high number of sex offenders in this area listed on the megan's law website. We first felt safe enough here that my daughter would walk down at night to get our mail. But once I saw that their were FIVE within a block of our house she no longer goes outside by herself. There is one place on Grand st that lists 7 in one house. Isn't there anything that can be done about them living in residential areas with children?

  3. there is a convicted child molester who lives here in menifee off scott rd.who has been trying to lure children. he is a white male with blue eyes and is 27 he drives a white ford truck that is newer please call the police if u see anything we are trying to build a case

  4. Menifee has over 20 that we know of. thats scary isnt it.
    why do we waste tax dollars on this low life.. eliminate his chances of successfully abducting any children and do some real justice!!
    he cant drive anywhere with 2 broken kneecaps.