Menifee is Growing

I think it is great that so many people are writing to this site.
I have lived in Menifee since 1992, when there was nothing here. Everyone wanted amenities, but I think we all forget how much traffic, trash, accidents and etc. it all brings. I recently got an email from a developer wanting to know how to use his park space. He had contacted AYSO and others. I told him we needed soccer, baseball, basketball fields and nice parks. The parks we now have do not accomodate enough people. The park on La Ladera is going to be an excellent addition. I can't wait for it do be done, since I live near it.
We not only need parks, but like it has been said, we need law enforcement. We need a boys and Girls Club. We need to start getting the amenities that Temecula has. We need to become a CITY. We need to have our own High School. Lets make Jeff Stone aware that the residents want these things.
On another note, I have heard that a new middle school will be built behind the new Park on La Ladera. In the Audie Murphy Ranch project.


  1. I don't have all the details on the Audie Murphy Ranch project, but I understand it's going to be huge. At one of the community meetings regarding La Ladera Park, I recall someone from the County saying that there will be "regional park" there.

    In fact, many folks who live closest to La Ladera Park, complained that they didn't want any sports amenities there, because they didn't want all the parked cars in front of their homes. That's when one of the County people explained the regional park would have plenty of sports facilities.

    But yes, I did also hear that Audie Murphy Ranch would include some schools.

  2. I have a set of pictures and info. on Audey Murphy ranch, if any one needs some information. Also the construction trailer on Newport Road has information. I am sure they would be glad to hand it out.