What's up with the Sheriff's Department?

I have worked at a Chamber in Menifee Valley for over 3 three years and I have been appalled by the lack of public safety.

Do you realize that Menifee Valley has 50,000 residents and yet Sun City only has 2 part-time deputies (Perris Sub-Station) with Menifee having about 4 part-time deputies (Temecula Sub Station). Every City and County strives to have 1 cop for every 1000 citizens. By that standard we should have 50 cops for Menifee Valley. The reason I'm told by the Sheriff Department is that Sheriff Bob Doyle doesn't have the funds to expend for more officers in Menifee Valley.

One of the reasons for the lack of funds is due the county building the infamous TajMahal Southwest Detention Center (French Valley) to the tune $156 million dollars (it was only suppose to cost $50 Million).

One year later, we still need more jail/prisons. Supervisor Jeff Stone had a great solution of using an vacated jail in Eagle Mountain. It would only cost $10 Million to buy and renovate the building. Call me stupid, but I have always like the idea of having prisons/jails away completely away from residents and neigborhoods.
Sheriff Bob Doyle said no, because if a deputy got hurt, medical services were an hour away. I'm sorry, the logic to that doesn't play out. Put a doctor on site and it would solve the problem.

So we will again pay for another Taj Mahal jail facility to be built, while Menifee Valley residents go without public safety. Last Thursday, Sun City had another bank robbery (across the street from the Chamber office).

I should also point out that Sun City (of all places) only has 1/2 of a paramedic in the Fire Department.

I think its time that the residents get mad about not having adequate public safety. Write Sheriff Bob Doyle and tell him to stop playing politics and start protecting Menifee Valley!
Sheriff Bob Doyle
4095 Lemon Street
Riverside, CA 92501
(951) 955-2400
or SHill@riversidesheriff.org


  1. I really enjoy the police presense of the college police in Menifee. Can they work something out with the Sheriff as far as helping out within the city or at least the busier areas?

  2. As a homeowner in menifee for 2 years, I have also noticed that a lack of police presence has given many folks a lack luster opinion regarding laws in Riverside County.
    In our housing tract we constantly have dirt bike riders on the streets and hot rods racing up and down Scott Road. The question is when is this going to stop? Before or after a child or adult is injured or killed? We as citizens need to contact public officials and demand action....

    We elect county officials to handle these issues, so why do we as a community not do something...

    Has anyone driven on Scott Rd. latley? The intersetion at Scott and Menifee Rd now has a 4 way stop and Calif Hwy Patrol occasionaly moniters that intersection, but this still leaves the housing tracts un supervised. Lets get going and do something.

    From a concerned Homeowner.

  3. i would like for the police take care of the skateboards in our neighborhood so we can sit outside in peace with our family also the dirt bikes and scooters whatever the other noise maker are. we work mornings and nights please help us and also the graffitiyon walls and signs we respect our neighbor hood and kids hanging on the corner of our house messing with our yard this is our first home and we have respct fo our neighbors but they don't. please help us. cars with loud music and driving fast.police have respect for the concern parents

  4. No we dont need any more police for such a small town like Menifee. I get harrassed all the time by police. I just moved into the area The lakes community and they harrass people who drive lowered Hondas mostly the youth just becuase they have a stigma to them. I own my house and pay taxes. I am not for a police run town. I dont think its good to have street racers running all out on Scott road but I dont want that to infringe on our freedoms or our civil liberties to be who we are without harrasement. Its a fine line to keep. I especially dont agree with Community College rent a cops who have personal power issues arresting or citing any of our public citizens. I want to be respected damm it and I want the same for our fellow citizens!

    County Of Riverside


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