Signs Erected on I-215 to Distinguish Sun City Community

Two brown signs reading, "Sun City/A Community of Menifee/Next Exit" have been installed...

Two brown signs reading, "Sun City/A Community of Menifee/Next Exit" have been installed on Interstate 215 to help distinguish the long-standing community of Sun City.

The City of Menifee, along with Caltrans, recently added the two signs in accordance to requests by Sun City residents over the past four years.

The two signs are posted on both the north and south side of the 215 Freeway leading to the McCall Boulevard interchange. According to City Manager Rob Johnson, the signs are now a reality due to the help of Public Works and Engineering Director Johnathan Smith.

Smith worked with Caltrans to create the historic signs and said that the new signage is part of an effort to recognize specific communities in the City of Menifee, which since 2008 has included Sun City, Quail Valley and Menifee.

"We value the distinct character and attributes of each community in Menifee," said Smith. "These communities are reflective of who we are as a city, and they make Menifee unique."


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  1. Thank You Rob Johnson and Jonathon Smith for these "Sun City" signs to help identify a community built here in the early sixties. There is a day every year, to come and see all the memorabilia from that time every year at the Sun City Civic Association facilities on Sun City Blvd. Many core seniors appreciate these signs. Thank You



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