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Advertorial Supplement: Menifee Bicycles is the go-to shop in Menifee for everything bicycle re...

Advertorial Supplement:

Menifee Bicycles is the go-to shop in Menifee for everything bicycle related. It should come as no surprise that not only do they have an onsite full-service repair shop, but they really care about the well being of your bicycle and equipment as well. In an effort to help bike owners keep their gear in tip top shape in between tune-ups, they’ve put together a useful check list of basic tips you can do right at home.

1. Check your tire pressure often. Because tires lose pressure even on new bikes and tire tubes, checking tire pressure at least once a week regardless of how old or new your bike is, is a good idea. Each bicycle will have a different manufacturers recommended PSI depending on the model, so be sure you know what your bicycles pressure range is.

Benefits of maintaining proper tire pressure include: Making your bike easier to pedal and ride, better handling, and prevention of a flat tire.

2. Listen to your bike. You should know how your bike normally rides, feels, and sounds. If you notice any out of the ordinary sounds such as clicking, creaking, or jingling it could be something has come lose and needs to be tightened. Check your brakes before you ride and rock your bike side to side to make sure everything sounds normal.

Benefits of listening to your bike include: The importance of doing a pre-ride check every time prior to hopping on your bike ensures your personal safety and also that you won’t seriously damage your bicycle.

3. Keep your bike happy. It is important to keep all the moving parts of your bicycle moving freely with proper bicycle lubricant. Look in to the proper lubricant for your model of bike and keep the chain and derailleur pivots lubricated.

Benefits of maintaining your bike include: You will ensure your bike lasts longer, does not experience unnecessary break-downs, and will ensure your safety as a rider.

Of course if you ever have any questions or concerns Menifee Bicycles is ready to help you and your bike. Stop in for a quick tune-up, or to pick up any new gear you might need.

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