Rozerem Tested to Treat Symptoms of Bipolar I Disorder

The cutting edge team at Elite Clinical Trials is conducting a study to determine whether medicati...

The cutting edge team at Elite Clinical Trials is conducting a study to determine whether medication used to treat Insomnia could help to alleviate symptoms of Bipolar I Disorder linked to sleep deprivation.

Rozerem, an FDA approved drug, is used to treat Insomnia and will be used in the study to determine whether it could also treat some of the symptoms of Bipolar. 

Insomnia is a result of an interrupted circadian rhythm, causing sleep deprivation.

Based on habitual surroundings, such as sunlight, the circadian rhythm is a roughly 24-hour cycle telling a living organism when they should sleep and wake. When the circadian rhythm is interrupted, sleeping patterns are also interrupted, sparking disorders, such as Insomnia.

Research has shown that an interrupted circadian rhythm is linked to some symptoms affiliated with Bipolar I Disorder.

In this particular study, volunteers will have a 75 percent chance of receiving Rozerem during the trial. Some volunteers will receive a placebo during the study.

The trial will be a double blind study, which means neither the patient or doctor will know whether the volunteer has been given the study drug or a placebo.

Elite Clinical Trials will also be testing different doses of Rozerem in this study. Volunteers could receive Rozerem in doses of .1 mg, .4 mg or .8 mg.

Elite Clinical Trials acknowledges that by volunteering to participate in a study, participants are playing a major role in producing valuable medical research that without them, could not be found.

Because Elite Clinical Trials finds its volunteers' time so valuable, they are compensated for both their travel to and time in the doctor's office.

Not only are volunteer's compensated, but they are also given medications related to the trial they are involved with free of charge.

Volunteers are not required to have medical insurance to receive the study drug related to their trial either.

Elite Clinical Trials offers an alternative mode of medical care for those who find medical insurance and prescription drugs from the pharmacy to be too expensive.

The research center offers a wide variety of clinical trials, giving an opportunity to so many who are looking to aid in advancing medical research with Elite Clinical Trials.

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