Winners Announced in Arts Council Creative Writing Contest

Arts Council Menifee has announced the winners in its Youth Creative Writing Contest for students ...

Arts Council Menifee has announced the winners in its Youth Creative Writing Contest for students in grades 6-8 in the Menifee area.

The theme of the contest was "3 Things to Make the World a Better Place and Why." Students from the area's four middle schools were asked to write their ideas and back them up with evidence and examples. Members of the Arts Council Menifee Literary Arts Division judged them for originality, opinions and factual backup.

The grand prize winner was Abigail Young from Ethan A. Chase Middle School. She received a Galaxy Tab 4 7" tablet, provided by the Menifee Best Buy store at a greatly discounted price. It also has a one-year damage warranty. She also received a complete Writers’ Kit.

There were three additional complete Writers' Kits awarded as a top prize for each school. The kits consist of writing supplies and books in a unique carry-along bag. Those three winners are:

-- Elizabeth Camarena from Ethan A. Chase Middle School
-- Kacie Gammill from Hans Christensen Middle School
-- Blessin Simpson from Menifee Valley Middle School

Each of the participating three schools received certificates for those entries that deserve honorable mention. In addition, the four winners will be invited to the city council meeting on June 18 to be recognized by the city and the grand prize winner will be invited to read her essay.

Below is a complete list of winners:

Menifee Valley Middle School
1. Blessin Simpson -- 8th grade, Terri Winchester
2. Adam Timmons -- 6th grade, Ms. Brittian
3. Jose Diaz -- 7th grade, Mrs. Wallace

Hans Christensen Middle School
1. Kacie Gammill -- 6th grade, Theurer
2. Megan Sumaya -- 6th grade, Mrs. Murray
3. Jonah Smith -- 6th grade, Mrs. Murray
4. Jaelen Booker -- 7th grade, Mrs. Streeter
5. Angelina Cisneros -- 6th grade, Mrs. Padilla

Ethan A. Chase Middle School
1. Elizabeth Camarena -- 7th grade, Mr. Collins
2. Briana Lister -- 8th grade, Mrs. Morgan
3. Karmen Mendoza -- 7th grade, Ms. Hodge
4. Georgia Cuevas -- 8th grade, Mrs. Morgan
5. Matthew Toves -- 7th grade, Ms. Hodge

Overall Grand Prize Winner: Abigail Young -- 8th grade, Mrs. Arigo