Stater Bros. Files Application for Site at Newport, Menifee Roads

Looking northwest from Rockport Road, one can see the large parcel where a Stater Bros. market would anchor a commercial center on the southeast corner of Newport Road and Menifee Road. The intersection is in the center background.
Menifee city officials Wednesday received a formal application from Stater Bros. to build a supermarket on a proposed commercial complex planned for the southeast corner of Newport Road and Menifee Road.

City Manager Rob Johnson said all parties are prepared to move forward with the application process for the business, which would anchor a large complex on what is now a vacant lot adjacent to The Lakes community.

In a previous interview, Mayor Scott Mann said the center is expected to include other retail businesses and restaurants. This is the first application announced by city officials.

It is very early in the planning process for this project, so there is no timetable for the start or completion of construction.


  1. This is really exciting! I live off of Lindenberger Rd and am really excited to FINALLY see some stores and other conveniences being built closer to the multiple Lake communities! Not only is it awesome because there will finally be a bigger job market actually WITHIN Menifee, but these stores will be close enough for many people to walk or bike to which is great for the environment and our wallets :) I'm a full supporter of this.