City of Menifee Seeks Feedback Through Community Survey

The following is a message from the City of Menifee: City of Menifee staff is asking the community...

The following is a message from the City of Menifee:

City of Menifee staff is asking the community to "tell us what you think" about their customer service. Residents and anyone who conducts business with the city has an opportunity to provide both positive and critical feedback on the new Customer Satisfaction Survey, available at City Hall and the Kay Ceniceros Senior Center.

"As we continue to change our culture at City Hall, City of Menifee staff is working hard to provide great customer service," said City Manager Rob Johnson. "We look forward to hearing from the community about what we do well and how we can improve to meet our customers’ expectations."

The survey stemmed from an idea during the recent priority setting workshop for Menifee City Council. Council Members had the opportunity to reflect on the many accomplishments the city has achieved during the last year and then provided their top priorities for the coming fiscal year.

In addition to creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey to solicit feedback about city staff’s service, top priorities for the Menifee City Council include (in no particular order):

-- Reviewing city services to explore the possibility of a new sphere of influence in the surrounding area
-- Creating a Community Services Department
-- Identifying and securing Scott Road/Interstate 215 Interchange project funding
-- Finalizing the city’s Pavement Management Plan
-- Creating a Rural Residential Business Program to accommodate and assist businesses that were established prior to Menifee’s incorporation in 2008
-- Creating citywide monuments and installing median landscaping to beautify Menifee
-- Increasing police services

The City Council priority setting workshop is an important component of the city’s budget planning process. Menifee staff will incorporate these priorities into the Fiscal Year 2014-15 budget, which will be presented to City Council in June.

City Hall is located at 29714 Haun Road. Kay Ceniceros Center is located at 29995 Evans Road.


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