Accident Victim Wishes to Thank Those Who Came to Her Aid

Brittany Lester survived a frightening rain-related traffic accident this morning, and the Menifee resident credits several unidentified witnesses for helping her through the incident.

About 10:30 a.m., Lester was driving her 2007 silver Toyota Tacoma on the northbound 215 Freeway on-ramp from Newport Road when her vehicle hydroplaned on the slick pavement. The truck went off the side of the road and about 40 feet down into a ditch that runs between the on-ramp and a large open field.

Lester was not seriously injured but was shaken as she tried to scramble uphill out of the ditch. She said two people came down to help pull her out of the mud and were quickly joined by a couple others. Three people offered jackets to the shivering accident victim, whose truck was totalled.

Lester said the only apparent injury she suffered was a bruise from the seat belt restaint on her neck (shown in the photo).

"I just want their names and to tell them how grateful I am," said Lester, 26. "They really saved me. I was so traumatized, I didn't get to say a full thank you and how much I appreciated their help."

"Without them, I seriously would have been stuck there for awhile until the Fire Department got there to throw me a rope or something. This is seriously an amazing community."


  1. One of your heroes is Robert Cutler. He lives in Sun City and works at North Golf Course. He is a great guy and I know didn't hesitate to stop and help. We are proud of you Bob!


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