Motion to Reduce Bail for Ex-Bishop Edwards is Denied

The motion for a reduction of bail was denied Thursday for a man accused of sexually molesting two teenage girls who attended the Mormon church where he served as bishop in Menifee.

Bail remains at $65,000 for Todd M. Edwards, 49 and a former resident of Menifee, who remains in custody at the Robert Preston Detention Center in Riverside. Judge Becky L. Dugan set a date of July 24 for a felony settlement conference.

Edwards previously entered a plea of not guilty to charges of sexual battery, sexual penetration with a foreign object, and witness intimidation. He served for a time as bishop of the Menifee Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


  1. I hope they excommunicated him.

  2. I am glad, he needs to in a place to think of he has done to so many people, including the families of his victims. I just want justice.

  3. What excommunication due to the families of those affected so deeply, these are girls from good homes that he putting them in a place of severe depression, anxiety for rude awakening to a mean world, by trusting a grown man right in the church. I am so angry and sad that I want him put away.

  4. Felony settlement conference ?? what does that mean ? Is he going to be tried in court or not ?

  5. Is someone not allowing this to be public?? How come is not in channel 7, or in The Los Angeles Times??? Every parent should hear this , so they trust children even when they go to church.. Evil is everywhere.

    1. Evil is rampant and so is paranoia.

  6. This guy is a Bishop of the Menifee Mormon church?

  7. He is not a bishop anymore, the damage is done already to so many people, and no is not paranoia , is anger at the man that used his position to do so much damage.


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