Menifee's Own Beauty Queen Stars on 'Toddlers & Tiaras'

One of Menifee’s youngest natives will star on TLC’s “Toddlers & Tiaras” on Wednesday. Three-...

One of Menifee’s youngest natives will star on TLC’s “Toddlers & Tiaras” on Wednesday.

Three-year-old Bailey Lauritson, known in the pageant world as Bailey Shea, started competing in pageantry competitions in only April of last year, but has already made her way onto one of the most popular reality shows on television. The season six episode of “Toddlers & Tiaras” follows Bailey as she prepares to compete at the California Tropic: Sugar and Spice beauty pageant competition in Las Vegas.

When mom Cora Lauritson and coach Cambrie Littlefield join forces to teach Bailey her dance routine on the televised episode, the toddler gets distracted, something Lauritson says happens often.

“As far as being [3 years old], she definitely gets distracted easy,” said Laurison. “I mean, I’m always yelling at my kids, at the boys, ‘Go away because she wants to see what you’re doing more than she wants to practice,’ but then there’s the times where she just wants everyone to look at her because she wants to put on a show.”

However distracted she may become, Bailey certainly knows how to make her mark on the judges come showtime. Bailey has taken first place in numerous pageants, but it all started in Menifee, where her family has lived since 1996 and still resides today.

Bailey got her start in pageantry at the Miss Menifee Pageant, a “natural” pageant where she placed as the first runner-up. Lauritson believed her daughter should have taken first place and was confident Bailey would “take it all” at her first “glitz” pageant the following day. And she did. Bailey’s win sparked her mother’s interest in “Toddlers & Tiaras."

So how did this little Menifee native get her shot at the hit reality show? Lauritson says it took a lot of phone calls and Bailey’s pageantry talent.

“It took her getting a little bit well-known in the pageant world, I think, for them to kind of open their eyes and say, ‘Okay, who is this girl?’” Lauritson said.

In between the spray tans and buying new eyelashes, Lauritson says Bailey’s favorite part of competing in pageants is similar to any other 3-year-olds.

 “Her favorite part of doing pageants, of course, and she would tell you, is being with her friends that she’s met through the pageant world and winning a big crown,” said Lauritson.

Lauritson says she feels obligated to teach her daughter the real benefits of pageantry.

“Pageants, to me, are just a fun way, a fun release for her to have a good time. Who wouldn’t want to be told they’re beautiful standing up there?” said Lauritson. “But there’s more to it than that and people don’t see that. People are so judgmental when it comes to pageants; they don’t even have a clue.”

Lauritson says pageantry is teaching Bailey life skills she can carry with her in her future endeavors.

“She learns to share and be happy for other people when they win, and to work hard for something,” she said.

Lauritson says she does not know how long Bailey will continue to compete in pageants. She does, however, hope Bailey will pursue her evolving modeling career. With a print ad and a shoe campaign already under her belt, Bailey can check pageantry and modeling off her list, all before she turns 4 years old in two weeks.

The episode of "Toddlers & Tiaras" starring Bailey airs Wednesday at 6 p.m. on TLC.


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  1. Sad. Sounds like Mom wants it more than the child. Of course 3 yr olds get distracted, they are 3. She is a cute child, but, really!! Let her be a kid while she can, she can't do that for long before she has all kinds of peer pressure as it is!

    1. Obviously she let's her be a kid.

    2. You know this just by one show. we all want everything for our kids. were parents we guide them. I love this kids family and how they all work together for her. So sweet

  2. She is a cute little girl that is being exploited by her mother. This type of show should not be allowed on television.

  3. I agree with above, mom wants it more, this trying to let these little girls win beauty contests is ridiculous in my opinion, they need to have a childhood and if and ONLY if they want to perform then let them otherwise let them play with their Barbie dolls. And on the note of dolls I think they should offer a buyback program for them, like the schools trying the toy gun buyback, because having all these little dolls in the hands of children surely is what leads to teen pregnancy, just like spoons and forks lead them to obesity.

    1. No, its apple pie that leads to obesity and motherhood that leads to teen pregnancy. Let's ban the both.

  4. This is sick!!!! My heart goes out to the child who will not have a childhood.

    1. how dose she not have a childhood did i miss something?

  5. Wow you all have no idea what you are talking about! Do you think she practices 6 har Adam and does pageant every weekend??? She is a child and has a great mother. She plays and has a great childhood just like children who dont do pageants.....

  6. Too bad you guys have no clue! This little girl LOVES competing. And she does have a normal childhood. Pageants are no different a pastime then attending a dance recital, or sport tournament. All of which require practice time and performance. WTG Bailey!

  7. I'm not in to pageants at all, but your remarks are based on ignorance. This little girl has an idyllic childhood in the diverse community of Menifee, with 3 big brothers and parents who spend a LOT of quality time with their children. Regardless of whether the family is into boating, motocross or watching a natural and beautiful little princess perform on stage, they support one another and their children's interests.

    The pageants may fall away, it's not comfortable to be scrutinized on television when you have no control, but their daughter has now been featured on national and international television, commercials and print ads. No one would be bashing if the kids were all competing in motocross or gymnastics which has much m