Courtney Chebat Photography Preserves Family Memories

Advertorial supplement: The purpose of a picture is to freeze a moment and capture that place i...

Advertorial supplement:

The purpose of a picture is to freeze a moment and capture that place in time forever. As families grow and change, the pictures they have taken will always remain and serve to preserve those beautiful memories in a tangible way.

Courtney Chebat became fascinated with the idea of photography at an early age. She remembers going through her grandmother’s photographs and feeling absolutely amazed that she was able to hold those images in her hands and in doing so glimpse into a period of time that she would never actually be able to visit or see.

“I would have never seen her (my grandmother) as a baby on her front porch, with her high school girlfriends, or her holding my father as a baby!” she says.

“It is truly amazing to have that window,” Chebat marvels.

It is with this same zeal that her photography helps others to forever materialize experiences, excitement, and emotion as only a professional picture can. She ensures each image encompasses more than just optimum lighting and brilliant colors. She captures the love a father feels for his child and the playful rivalry among a session of siblings. She looks for the sparkle of a new engagement and the anticipation of an expectant momma, as a photographer she looks for the moment and captures it with ease.

As a professional photographer, it comes at little surprise that Chebat is a perfectionist. She holds herself to a high standard of excellence because she in turn wants her clients to have the perfect experience when they choose her to capture their memories. She offers the whole package, a quality end result as well as an enjoyable experience in the meantime. Contact Courtney Chebat Photography for all your photography needs.

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