Menifee in Pictures: Texas Roadhouse Gets a Neighbor

Residents are asking us about the building being constructed next to Texas Roadhouse Grill, facin...

Residents are asking us about the building being constructed next to Texas Roadhouse Grill, facing Haun Road next to Yellow Basket.

Although only the foundation has been laid so far, this will soon be a medical facility. According to Carmen Cave, community development director for the City of Menifee, the building will house a dialysis education and training center. Is is unclear whether any dialysis treatment will take place there. The facility was described to city officials as a training facility for dialysis technicians. No completion date has been announced.

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  1. When are we getting a move theater and a fruit smoothie place?

  2. Ahh, really? We can use a Burger King. :(

  3. really y not put something more useful

  4. a medical facility....really. do we need about more restaurants...el pollo loco.....something.

  5. I agree with all the above! What were they thinking when that got approved?

  6. El Pollo Loco is one I have been hoping would come to Menifee along with Foster Freeze, Golden Spoon, Soupplantation, Olive Garden, and Red Lobster...along with JoAnns Fabrics....We really are in need of entertainment right here in Menifee...Bowling Alley, ice skating rink, roller skating rink...I know all 3 of these could be used by many in the community of Menifee and Sun City...On hot summer days it is too hot to golf, ride bikes, take walks these would be activities seniors, adults, teens and young children could make use of...also, these places could provide birthday party rooms for all the childrens birthday parties and sports team parties...Myself and everyone I talk to we discuss we need things here in Menifee so we don't have to travel elsewhere and then get there and its crowded...please consider these options I know they would all be used. Thank you

  7. We need a Henry's or Sprouts

  8. Who's responsible for the zoning and granting of building permits around here? A charter school right across the street from a major shopping center that has restaurants which sell alcohol (also effectively removing the possibility of more restaurants that serve alcoholic libations, what with a school right across the street!) A medical facility right next to another popular restaurant. How are these guys making their zoning decisions--via a crap game? It seems like it. Or darts thrown at a map of the city. We need real commercial zoning (to include restaurants and shops) that extends beyond the boundaries of Countryside Marketplace. This is a town of more than 80,000 people that has less services than most cities half its size. Whoever is in charge needs to recognize that!



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