Breakfast Club of Menifee Launches Updated Menu Options

Advertorial supplement: May 1 not only marked the start of a new month, but also the debut of a...

Advertorial supplement:

May 1 not only marked the start of a new month, but also the debut of an updated menu at the Breakfast Club of Menifee. Since opening their doors four years ago they have made it their mission to give the community the best possible experience, food, and service by accommodating customer requests and suggestions.

In fact, the new menu additions are a direct result of accumulated customer feedback and listening to what customers want. The updated menu still features fresh and exciting options, but with some different selections to choose from. Their lunch menu is now offered all day, from open to close so you can order your favorites any time you like.

“We pride ourselves on the best service and food in town. We offer quality options at affordable prices and that will never change,” says owner Stu Blaze.

A “more mature” menu offers ten options, which feature smaller portions and a lower price point to senior diners. The kids menu has also expanded to include crispy chicken tenders and a cheesy quesadilla. Two new hamburgers including the Guacamole burger and the Teriyaki burger have been added to the lunch menu as well.

Breakfast Additions

• A few healthier options have been added including multigrain pancakes that are served with a freshly sliced banana and a light dusting of powdered sugar atop.
• The Breakfast Club of Menifee has partnered with Elevate Fitness Studio to put together a power breakfast. The power breakfast packs the necessary punch of protein to start the day on the right nutritious track.
• Two new omelets have also made their debut on the breakfast menu.
• Made-to-order omelet choices have been expanded to offer even more variation.
• The steel cut oats and the grits entrée now come with your choice of a side of toast or a pancake.
• The “Two” entrée has been added the previous “One” and “Three” options. So that now you may order a medium amount of two pancakes, two eggs, and your selection of two breakfast meats.
• And if you are searching for the Monte Cristo sandwich, it has moved to the breakfast menu.

A highlighted section on the menu will feature a monthly special. The current special offers half a pound of delicious pork chops served with eggs. Each month also features a new barista made coffee drink special, be sure to check the board in their coffee corner for this month’s beverage of choice. As we gear up for summer their iced coffee drinks are back on the menu offering three yummy flavors; regular, vanilla, and hazelnut.

Their broad menu of consistently quality food attracts diners from both near and far. “We appreciate so much all of our guests. Whether they come in once a week, once a month, or once