Elevate Fitness Studio Trains Client For 1st Half Marathon

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For the past ten weeks Elevate Fitness coach, Jason Sanstistevan, has been helping Susan Pelayo train for her first half marathon. Her training program was specifically designed to help runners to increase their speed, distance, agility, and overall strength. The program is intense and demanding, requiring a lot of physical and mental strength.

“During the 10 week period Susan gave it her all at each and every training session. She pushed through every workout with the determination of increasing her overall performance,” shares Sanstistevan.

Her initial goal was to complete a half marathon, which she recently achieved with flying colors. She improved her fasted mile time by almost 2 minutes and completed the La Jolla Half with a time of 1:56, 4 minutes faster then the goal she had set.

Here’s what Susan Pelayo had to say about her experience:

Elevate has a great group of trainers and coaches, that inspire and motivate every member to achieve their goals. I was only a beginning runner when I started my 10-week journey to train with Jason for my first half marathon. With an average pace of 9:40 mile, I didn’t even know what my pace was until I started my training. This program was going to require a lot of running and physical work. Jason is a person that leads by example and he made it look really easy, I was nervous but with practice I succeeded.

I pushed myself physically and mentally harder every training day until I was ready to conquer my first half marathon. During the La Jolla half marathon I used every technique I had trained for. As it all came into place I now knew why Jason had put me through all that hard training. His voice in my head telling me "pump your arms when you hit the hills", "quick feet for those pot holes", "to pass up that next person" and "soft feet for the down hills". I used every method he had taught me throughout my run. My personal goal was 2 hours and I ended up
completing my first half marathon in 1 hour and 56 minutes. Jason's training and my determination of accomplishing my first half marathon was a success.

During these 10-weeks of my training, there was not one day Jason did not ask how I was feeling. His concern made everyday a good day regardless of how hard my training went. Jason's running techniques and motivation made my journey an awesome experience.

In celebration of Pelayo’s success Elevate hosted a surprise party for her at the fitness center. “It was really great to see other clients show up to support her and bring her balloons, cards, and (healthy) food,” shares Elevate owner Paul David.