Menifee Bicycles Is Forced to Find New Location

After 15 years of dedicated service to the Menifee area, family-owned and operated Menifee Bicycles is being forced to move to a new location. While they have only a few months to move, they are still not sure where exactly they will be moving.

Currently situated, along with another family-owned Menifee favorite Mexican restaurant on the corner of Newport and Murrieta Road, Menifee Bicycles will soon be elsewhere. The City of Menifee approved a permit for Auto Zone to take over the corner establishment in February, yet Menifee Bicycles employees were not aware of any changes until contractors came knocking on their back door with blueprints and a request to look around.

There is a non-compete ordinance that makes it somewhat difficult for them to find a new location. They cannot be too close to Countryside Marketplace, where their key competitor resides. On a positive note, they outgrew their current shop a couple of years ago and are looking forward to expanding into a larger space.

While there are positive and negative aspects to this unexpected move, it was really the element of surprise that has owner Craig Cooper disheartened.

“It was not knowing about it that was the worst part,” says daughter Tina Sirianano.

Sirianano’s grandfather opened Menifee Bicycles in 1982 (then located in Sun City), making her the third generation of family members involved in the business.

“I grew up here,” she laments.

Menifee Bicycles employees have watched other families grow up as well. There are families who have bought bikes from this local shop for decades. Their first bicycle was from here, their children’s bicycles were from here, and now they are buying bicycles for their grandchildren from the very same bike shop.

Menifee Bicycles has become a tradition to the Menifee community. And while they will continue their tradition of proven customer service and quality bicycles, they are sad at the way in which they were forced to relocate.

“This is our ministry; it’s what we do. We’ve been able to help a lot of people and we intend to continue doing just that,” says Sirianano.

6100 Newport Road, Suite A-2
Menifee Ca. 92584

Monday –Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Phone: 951.672.1637
Website: Menifee Bicycles
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  1. Plenty of vacant spots for an autozone. I find this unfair and disheartening.

  2. this is really terrible news. we were mailed a flyer months ago saying Auto Zone was building on a pad in the Stater Bros market area. What gives with the city council? pushing out established family business? wow

  3. Big money always wins.

  4. why would you build an auto zone next to a restaurant? you want to go to the restaurant and enjoy the atmosphere, not sit there and watch people fix their cars

  5. Mayor Scott MannMay 30, 2013 1:51 PM

    Dear Menifee 24/7 Readers,

    I need to correct some perceptions on this article.

    This is a 'tenant/landlord' issue. The City of Menifee has nothing to do with who the landlord leases. This is a tenant improvement situation with the owner of the building. It is also a 'free market' issue between one who owns the building and the tenants and prospective tenants who may rent/lease space, or not.

    The City does not review any lease agreements or investigate who a landlord leases to. City staff received an application for improvements from the owner of the building/parcel/etc. The city's role simply is to review the application for proper uses, improvement plans, and condition the owner for the appropriate use. The City does not interfere with the market place.

    Apparently, the owner has (or will be) leasing that side of the building to Auto Zone and, to clarify a previous post, O'Reilly Auto Parts is going on the vacant parcel in the State Brothers center not Auto Zone.

    As far as two auto parts stores opening near one another.... the market must be able to support it otherwise both stores would not proceed. Lastly, you all know that competition keeps prices down for the consumer.

    I hope Menifee Bicycles finds a great location in Menifee suitable to their business model.


    Mayor Scott Mann

  6. Is Autozone moving from the Ralph's Center or opening a 2nd location? We love Sun City Bicycles - such nice people. I hope they find a bigger better home! (Shame on the landlord for the sneak attack)

  7. Will the Mayor attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for Auto Zone? What if O'Reilly's opens the same day?
    What a dilemma.

  8. I agree with Mayor Mann I have a tenant/landlord issue. I have no issue at all with the City of Menifee. The City has been wonderful to us. I was notified 2 years ago I was late with my rent. The landlord was receiving other checks at the same time. My check was 2 weeks early and the others were 2 weeks late. I've never been late and have always acted like I owned the center doing favors for the landlord. It's their building and they can lease it out to whoever they want. It's unfortunate for us they kept their plans from us and apparently did so deliberately. We are looking at a few possible locations and are quite excited to get some more room to display more of the 400 bikes we have to sell. Many thanks to all of our customers and the City of Menifee! Craig Cooper, Menifee Bicycles

  9. I know that Mayor Mann explained why this happens and he is correct, but for a landlord that lost a major market not to long ago and now it looks like the Tarbell Office is empty it makes me wonder what the landlords reason for putting out a tenant that has been there for such a long time...? There has to be something motivating him to do so? Family ties....friends....getting more in rent.....and last....why didnt the auto store take the Tarbell suite? It stands out better on the corner and has lots of parking plus room for products and stock are larger?

    1. As with any privately owned property,it is none of your business or that of the city what motivates them in handling their leases. Both should "butt out".

  10. Our landlord (a partnership) doesn't own the Albertson's location, just the strip next to it. Tarbell left over 2 years ago. Auto Zone wants the entire west side of the building including the old Tarbell location, Mi Pueblo, and Menifee Bicycles.

  11. Thank you for the explanation, it makes it a little clearer. We're still very sad to see these businesses go out..two auto stores so close together is redundant.What happened to the non compete ordnance?
    These two will be less than a block away from each other.Our side of town could so use more restaurants and other family business.

  12. Well, that seals that. I will not be patronizing the Auto Zone.