Temecula Californian Announces End of Publication

The Temecula Californian newspaper, a fixture in the area since the 1970s, officially ceased publication today.

In a news article on utsandiego.com -- website of the Californian's parent U-T San Diego paper -- U-T Chief Executive Office John Lynch said the U-T would no longer publish the Californian. He cited declining circulation as the primary reason.

After acquiring the North County Times and Californian last September, the Californian became a section of the U-T. Southwest Riverside County news was de-emphasized in favor of San Diego area news.

“Upon our acquisition of the North County Times and Californian, the U-T fielded extensive research that showed that the U-T was respected for its coverage and quality and was favored over the other brands,” Lynch said in the article. “The fact is that the financial model for both the Californian and the North County Times was broken. We are interested in creating — and maintaining — healthy, sustainable multiplatform products for years to come.”

Lynch said the U-T newspaper would continue to be available in the Temecula area, but there was no indication whether it would include any news of Southwest Riverside County. Reports posted by Californian employees on social media sites today indicated that most if not all of the news staff had been laid off.


  1. This is a very sad event...now it will be just San Diego news? A newspaper with no real connection to the community is a breach of public trust. Our community depends on the newspaper to be informed about important events, the approval of a new ordinance, decisions made by city councils such as the opening of a new business, health and safety of the environment. There's no watchdog to report the mischief of the city councils...or report the good stuff they do. So, Mr. Spoon are you up to the task?

  2. so sad. The Californian was my favorite paper for Local News. No one did it like them :(

    1. Let's hope 24/7 can fill that void with true local coverage.


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