Paloma Valley Student: Librarian Hugged Her, Said Goodbye

Police, school officials gathered outside the library on the Paloma Valley High campus after Friday...

Police, school officials gathered outside the library on the Paloma Valley High campus after Friday's shooting. The scene has since been cleared.
Story updated at 4:10 p.m. with identity of the deceased:

The county librarian who died in an apparent suicide Friday morning on the Paloma Valley High School campus told a student library volunteer "goodbye" Thursday, explaining she had just been fired.

The deceased was identified by the Coroner's office late Friday as Roggena Hunsaker, 59, of Sun City. The student, who asked not to be identified, said Hunsaker did not say why she had been fired, but that she hugged the student and told her goodbye. According to the student, the woman did not seem particularly upset at the time.

"She said the woman was always nice and very easy to talk to," said Joelle Regnier, the student's mother. "She just told my daughter she wouldn't see her anymore because she was just fired. Then she gave her a hug."

The Riverside County Library system has a public library at the front of the high school that is used by both students and the public. Hunsaker was a county employee and not connected with the school district. The library was closed Friday.

Calls to the county library administration about Hunsaker's employment status have not been returned.

The student was on campus Friday morning when the school was put on lockdown after the discovery of the woman's body in a car in the school parking lot. Before a general announcement was made to the student body about what happened, the student was pulled aside by her teacher and informed of the situation. Parents had already been informed of the situation via email and voice mail.

"My daughter had told her teacher a couple days before that she was working in the library for school credits," Regnier said. "That's why the teacher wanted her to know first."

Regnier's daughter said she didn't know whether any students witnessed the shooting, which reportedly occurred sometime between 7 and 7:30 a.m. She did say some students said they passed by the car and noticed some activity there and that a windshield shade was pulled down.


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