Apparent Suicide Victim Found in Car at Paloma Valley High

Update at 4 p.m.: The Riverside County librarian found dead Friday in an apparent suicide at Palo...

Update at 4 p.m.:

The Riverside County librarian found dead Friday in an apparent suicide at Paloma Valley High School has been identified by the Coroner's office as Roggena Hunsaker, 59, of Sun City.

Update at 11:40 a.m.:

The body of the deceased was removed about 11 a.m., the yellow tape is gone and the on-site investigation has concluded. Police have left the school. Classes are continuing on this, the last day before spring break.

District Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Greenberg said that immediately after the body was discovered, the school was put on lockdown. An email was immediately sent to teachers and parents, informing them of the situation. By the end of first period, students were informed of the reason for the lockdown and it was lifted.

"At the end of first period, it was my decision to inform the students," Greenberg said. "The students had started inventing their own stories based on the lockdown and were using social media to send messages. I felt it was better to get them the facts as soon as possible."

Greenberg said he also appreciated the efforts of the Menifee Police Department to clear the scene as soon as possible. After the body was removed, a red compact car was towed from the scene.

"We have kids who leave at lunch," he said. "This is their student parking area. The police are in charge and if they needed more hours, I certainly can't make them leave. But they understood our need and they were fairly certain of what happened here.

"This brings up thoughts of suicides and upsets our children. It's a tragedy for the woman and her family, but I also see it as a tragedy for the school. Students learn a lot about life here. Unfortunately, they also learn lessons in life that are painful."

The identity of the woman has not been released.

Update at 10:10 a.m.:

Menifee police have confirmed the death by apparent suicide this morning of a former employee of the Riverside County Library branch located on the campus of Paloma Valley High School.

According to Lt. Charles Wilhite, the body was discovered in a car parked outside the library in the school's parking lot about 7:30 a.m. The school was briefly in lockdown, but that was soon lifted and classes have resumed with counselors on site.

"Apparently a relative came looking for her and found her here," he said. "It appears some students saw some of this."

Jonathan Greenberg, superintendent of the Perris Union High School District, joined school officials in greeting concerned parents as they pulled up in front of the school. Some parents said they had received cell phone calls from their children during the lockdown.

"The school is no longer in lockdown," Greenberg said. "That is standard procedure for the safety of the students. Classes have resumed and counselors are on site. This was not a district employee."


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  1. I have 3 students at Paloma and have to say that Palomas Administration did a great job this morning advising both myself (via telephone message within 45 minutes of the lockdown) and my kids (via classroom announcements) of what was going on. Not nearly as fast as text messages and phone calls from my kids during the lockdown, but pretty fast considering they had a lot going on at that moment.

  2. Any news as to which employee? I go to that library all the time and chat with a number of them. :-(

  3. Very sad that she felt this was her only way out........

  4. i go to paloma it was so hard to stay at school it was not a good learning enviroment, with all the thought of the poor women most of us knew. my love and respects go out to the famly, she was a wonderful nice caring women.

  5. Another report said a student that worked with her said it was Gina (which was the blonde lady)

  6. The news didn't release her identity for a reason have some respect and consideration.

  7. Like the respect she had for the students at school by choosing to do this selfish act on campus?

  8. I go to paloma it was very scary to think that a real accident actually happened on campus it made me feel unsafe for some reason

  9. I go to Paloma Valley High. I knew Gena and was deeply saddened when I heard the news. She was a wonderful lady and this really breaks my heart.

  10. I go to Paloma Valley... I came to school late with my father and I saw the body of the lady when they took it out of the car.. It was very tragic, and I needed to leave the campus because that image was imprinted in my head... I think forever it will be... My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.. May she rest in peace now...

  11. My daughter saw her alive and then dead what a selfish act to pull at school. The campus supervisor sent her to first period. The school offered no grief counseling at all. So now my daughter will remember the vivid details she saw for life. I had to take her to counseling right after I picked her up at school. Yes I feel saddened by the situation but really why did everyone have to witness it??



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