Menifee in Pictures: It's Time to Name That Bird

Many of you correctly guessed on our Facebook page the location of the boat shown in yesterday'...

Many of you correctly guessed on our Facebook page the location of the boat shown in yesterday's Menifee in Pictures. Yes, it has been sitting alongside La Piedra Road just east of Murrieta Road for years. But how about this one?

What kind of bird is this? Have you ever seen one in Menifee? Where are you most likely to find it?

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  1. My wife has always called them 'Gnat Catchers' but am sure that is not what they are, but if you want to see more, just drive west of Murrieta on Holland Road to the storm drain run off pond, commonly called the 'Mosquito Pit' by locals, these birds are always there trying to eat their fill of mosquitos and other bugs.

  2. Great Egret?
    Ev W.

  3. It's an Egret. I have one in my yard and have seen him grab a gopher and swallow it. You can google 'Egret eating gopher' and see it.

  4. Cormarant,,., Water bird, lots of them in Canyon Lake and some come visiting. :-) They usually return to Canyon Lake in the evening.
    When Calder Ranch subdivision was being graded, a large flock came over to check out the food. Blue heron (related) was also with them. I had one come walking up my drive....:-)
    And yes I knew the boat too...

  5. That's a great white egret! I see a solo sometimes in the flood channel on the golf course here in Sun City.