Crazy Rebels Dog Company Has a Whole Lot of Heart

The following is paid advertising content: Crazy Rebels is a dog loving company through and thro...

The following is paid advertising content:

Crazy Rebels is a dog loving company through and through. Using their own three dogs for inspiration, owners Jesse Shane and Lauren Jewel pour all of their passion, love, and care into creating custom dog portraits, novelty dog inspired art, and quality dog apparel and collars. The Crazy Rebels line is 100 percent made with love. From the conception to the actual design and construction of their art and apparel, every piece is held to the highest standard of excellence.

A 15-year veteran of the apparel graphic design industry and a professional artist, Shane has the ability to capture the lovable qualities of a dog, from a mere photograph to a hand drawn detailed portrait that brings many recipients to tears of joy. If you want to see a grown man cry, give him a portrait of his best friend and you just might.

The following is paid advertising content:
Custom dog portraits hand drawn by Crazy Rebels from a photograph provided by the owner.
Novelty prints and poster art for the home.
In addition to running a dog company, these two dog lovers are also in the business of spreading love and inspiration and making people (and dogs) smile on a daily basis. Through the use of social media outlets Crazy Rebels has not only built an animal loving audience but chooses to promote an attitude of unconditional love and positive thinking.

Whether you are looking for top of the line dog gear or just a little extra inspiration for your day, Crazy Rebels is armed with an abundance of both. Because really, all you need is love… and a dog.

In the spirit of love and Valentine's Day, everything red, pink, and white on the Crazy Rebels website is currently on sale. Including 20 percent off all custom portrait orders, which make thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts (hint hint).

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Limited edition LOVE ME print Rebel Bandana Collar.
Dakoda the Doberman modeling her Rebel Hoodie and studded collar.
Collars and apparel proudly made with love in the USA.


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