Elevate Fitness Studio Spells Success for Tera Perry

The following is paid advertising content: Elevate Fitness Studio is not only a gym, but also a l...

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Elevate Fitness Studio is not only a gym, but also a life- changing tool for people; they come to get fit and end up leaving with so much more. This is the case for nearly every personal training client. No matter the goal they set out to accomplish, Elevate trainers will help them get there.

“Attitude is everything!” says the owner and trainer of Elevate Fitness, Paul David. “We notice regardless of obstacles and what might seem like insurmountable goals to achieve, people that stay consistent and follow the program achieve the results they're looking for. Tera is a prime example of consistency and always bringing her best.”

Tera Perry came to Elevate to change her life, and she has achieved just that. David said every time Perry comes in for training, she lights up the studio and gives it her all. Hers is truly an inspirational story, and she would like to share it with others.

Here is the account of Perry’s journey to getting fit, as told by her:

“Enthusiastically, every morning I ask, How am I going to better the world today? The first step that needed to be done was improving me. I needed assistance and Paul David helped immensely in achieving dreams of improvement that I hadn’t imagined possible.

"Elevate caters to a vast range of individuals and each story clients bring to the table is not only heard, but embraced. The constant compassion towards my goals as well as my individual well being goes beyond a gym, but rather a team of supporters. Paul, as well as other trainers, have stayed by my side and helped me not only reach goals, but surpass them. I look back at previous photos and it is encouraging to see the changes that have been made in these last five months. Getting there can often be the biggest struggle, yet the focused, customized workouts created specifically for you make it worth your time.

"The trainers at Elevate have invested enormous amounts of time with me as well as other clients. This personalized attention and dedication has had profound impact on how my body has changed in the last five months. Thank you for going above and beyond; my accomplishments could not have been where they are today without your motivation, encouragement, energy, understanding, and kindness.

"If my experience at Elevate helps one individual to change their lives as it has changed mine, my heart is overjoyed and excited to see the story you will bring to our community. I’ll be there cheering you on!

"Continual blessings, Tera Perry."

Let Elevate Fitness Studio help you reach your ideal self. Give them a call today.

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